2. Bundesliga: Schedule as a psycho

2. Bundesliga: Schedule as a psycho

The rise battle in the 2nd football Bundesliga is at the beginning of the last season third of the nervous steam – where the game plan plays a role.

After all, after the front week, the Schalkern had failed when they had completely the nerves, this time the two northern lights patped and have only one or two points lead.

“Last week, the competition had submitted, we stood under pressure on Sunday and have not settled with it,” said Schalke’s goalkeeper Martin Fraisl overlooking the 1: 2 in Düsseldorf.

And leaving the 2-0 on Friday night against the SC Paderborn: “This time we have submitted. Now the others have to win if they want to keep the distance on us.”

This was not promptly succeeded on Saturday: Werder Bremen came to previously seven wins under Trainer Ole Werner only to a 1: 1 against undertaking FC Ingolstadt. Werner probably missed the setting of the Start Record of Club Icon Otto Rehhagel.

And the Hamburger SV had to settle for the relegation candidate SV Sandhausen with the same result. Any connection to the previous victory of the in Dusseldorf so bad Schalke nobody produced. But play and result were amazingly sobering after the high of the past weeks.

Criticism of own services at Werder Bremen and the HSV

“We did not call up the performance of the pre-weeks and you will be punished in this league,” Bremen’s captain Ömer Toprak stuck. “That feels like a defeat,” said defender Marco Friedl. And scorer Niclas Füllkrug, whose 1: 0 was not enough for a quarter of an hour before the end, demanded, “We have to deny each game at 100 percent.”

This succeeded at the HSV at best a half-time long. “We have just lost the first half, and then it will be hard to win the games in this league,” said Captain Sebastian Schonlau.

HSV, Schalke & Darmstadt bald in der Bundesliga? ???? 2. Bundesliga Prognose 2021/22 ????????
After all, according to Trainer Tim Walter “the right set screws” and saved a point with Sonny Kittel (59.). “That one experienced a not so good halftime is completely normal,” said Walter, trying to serve serenity: “But that we came back to this game, that’s important and crucial for me.”

FC Schalke: Grammozis does not want psychotricks

Schalke coach Dimitrios Grammozis also wants to get involved in psycho players. “I said my players last week, that we are not allowed to influence so when the others present,” he said, “Whether the HSV or Werder win or not, that’s not our construction site.”

But it’s not just a three-battle between Werder (42), the HSV (41) and Schalke (40). In addition to the FC St. Pauli and Darmstadt 98 playing on Sunday, the 1st FC Heidenheim (38) also mixes with, which, however, gave away points at the 1-1 in Dresden at present points.

And also the 1st FC Nuremberg (36) returned to two bitter defeats by 2-0 against Jahn Regensburg.

By the way, Schalke may present again the next matchday. The royal blue play on Saturday in Karlsruhe, HSV and Werder meet tags on the north Derby.

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