Horizon Forbidden West Guide: How to get the legendary brand of Kratos as a tribute to God of War

Horizon Forbidden West Guide: How to get the legendary brand of Kratos as a tribute to God of War

It starts to be quite common in Sony La de Colar easter Eggs of other own franchises within your video games, having in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut’s its biggest exponent regarding Easter eggs refers to the castings of four of the most important sagas of PlayStation Studios.

As is logical, the Acinte Horizon Forbidden West is also no exception, although the wink in this case is left in a mere aesthetic change for Aloy. Specifically, in the iconic brand of Kratos that he has always accompanied him in God of War. And we are going to tell you the steps to unlock this warmark **.

Where are the three war totems located

So that Aloy feels “a little” as kratos with that brand, he must find three different war totems. One with the form of said Kratos, another with that of his son of him atreus, and and since he represents him’s bond. Kratos You can easily find it in the initial region, in the middle of the great snow-covered mountain.

There you will see a hut with the aforementioned Kratos totem. He has no loss.

For the second you should travel to the Weestern island of the map .

Next to the road you will see a building in ruins, seeing how the atreus totem ** is highlighted several meters away, long before Aloy can take it.

Finally, the last totem takes us up to a more advanced area from the eastern part of the map, just at the foot of a huge lake . You will see it in one of the little recesses that are on earth, very in sight. When you take it you will have completed the Challenge hidden in a homage to God of War and you will only need any tattooter to paint that brand of war so chula and intimidating.

Secret armor in Ghost of Tsushima

Horizon Forbidden West | God of War Easter Egg + All War Totem Locations & Face Paint Unlock

  • Shadow Shadow of The Colossus Armor
  • God of War armor from the sanctuary of the ash
  • Bloodborne armor of blood stained sanctuary
  • Horizon Forbidden West armor of the banned sanctuary

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