Uncharted: abused by criticism, the movie carton at box office, it is even profitable

Uncharted: abused by criticism, the movie carton at box office, it is even profitable

Released for a few days now around the world, the movie Uncharted has been widely promoted by Sony Pictures who did not leave the ways to make known his movie outside the video game circle. With $ 44.1 million for its opening weekends in the United States, the film directed by Ruben Fleischer (welcome to Zombieland, Gangster Squad, Venom) carries out a rather good start, which can be added the 55.4 Million dollars that have already been completed this weekend only on the other 62 territories, knowing that some of them are already planning the film for almost a week. According to Variety, by tonight, Uncharted will have generated $ 139 million to box office, which sigifies that the film is already profitable since it cost $ 120 million. Figures that do not yet understand the Chinese market since Uncharted will begin in the middle empire from March 14th, and with the help of Tom Holland should make big scores.

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By signing with Tom Holland in the role of a young Nathan Drake, Sony Pictures therefore bet on the good horse, he who probably became Hollywood’s new cough, capable of generating big entries just by his name, knowing On the spider-man side No Way Home, another film Sony Pictures, we have just reached the $ 1.83 billion at the Global Box Office. What to concretize the desire to leave on a new trilogy with the 25-year actor for the MCU, while Andrew Garfield is presented to be the Sony Spider-Man Universe Spider-Man.

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