“Too harmoniously”: Kevin Kurányi criticizes the VFB Stuttgart

“Too harmoniously”: Kevin Kurányi criticizes the VFB Stuttgart

The VfB Stuttgart has been waiting for a victory in the Football Bundesliga since mid-December. Ex-attacker Kevin Kurányi currently sees a few leaders in the team at the Swabia.

“It was a good idea to work with young players who give the chance to develop. But a team needs experienced players,” explained the former national player at “picture” the causes of the Stuttgart crisis.

While the traditional association in the past season was just just embarrassed by the international business, the five-course German master is currently in the 17th place of the Bundesliga.

Consequent device coach Pellegrino Matarazzo at VFB Stuttgart increasingly under pressure. Football Bundesligas director Sven Mishlins strengthened the Americans most recently demonstratively the back.

UEFA Cup-2004/2005 VfB Stuttgart - SL Benfica 3-0 (04.11.2004)

On the question of whether the VfB Stuttgart could go to the 2nd Bundesliga in the relegation case with Matarazzo and mislintat, Kurányi answered: “Everything is possible. First, it is good that one keeps the coach, strengthens his back. But if you are more Four games lose, what is then? “

VFB Stuttgart “is just in the 1st League”

In general, within the team is currently “something too harmonious. It lacks the leaders who sometimes intervene, the reaction from the team is missing. But it is too harmonious to the team around the team. It lacks one who says where it says Go. Thomas Hitzlsperger is as good as gone, Alexander Wehrle is not there yet, “Kurányi criticized his ex-club.

Nevertheless, the 39-year-old still believes in the league. “As a traditional club, VfB is simply in the 1st league. The VfB was home to talents,” said Kurányi, who played from 1997 to 2005 in the Ländle.

At the coming Bundesliga Matchday, the VFB Stuttgart meets the TSG Hoffenheim on Friday (20:30 clock).

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