Guild Wars 2: Fishing unlocked in End of Dragons (Mini

Guild Wars 2: Fishing unlocked in End of Dragons (Mini

One pleasure in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons on new adventures, the other on chic skins for their characters, but there are also those that are especially looking for one thing: relaxed fishing! Finally, the meditative activity belongs to the new domestic extension.

And for many MMORPG fans, fishing is anyway, which is never missing. But when do you turn off the whole? We tell you directly in this mini guide! If your Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now 49.95 €): End of Dragons have not yet exist – on Amazon you get the extension for only 29.99 euros!

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How to turn your fishing in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons free

Just follow the main history and concludes the instantiated mission at which you end up in Cantha. She’s called “old friends” and let you promptly walk to Canthan floor. Among other things, the rewards of this mission include an “old fishing rod”. The amusing explanation: allegedly, the fishing rod lay with “your things” – the people who give you your equipment, you do not want it, so you have to belong to you. Made it! On our response account to GW2 we were able to try fishing before the release. Source: Fish

How to Fish In Guild Wars 2?

Have you unlocked the control path by receiving the fishing, you will find to the left of your weapons skills, under the button for weapons change, a new control icon. Over this, you equip the fishing rod and can throw it into all waters, even outside of Cantha, in old territories.

GW2 - Fishing - Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons - Quick Guide

In the next story mission, the Angel is also active, no worry: you get the mechanics and the small mini-game mandatory taught in the story if you do not appropriate you before. The captured fish can be disassembled to win the fish fillet, with which you can complete new recipes as a craftsmen cook. You are about fishing but even to new ingredients that you need for the legendary’s third generation.

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