Hogwarts Legacy Insider mocks the main revelation of the PlayStation game status

According to a prominent member of the industry and filtering, harry potter amateur waiting for Hogwarts_ finally will have something to celebrate soon. According to the same source that transmitted the news that the new fantastic_bestias, the trailer would be delayed yesterday, second count of Hogwarts_ the trailer, and the first since the summer of 2020, will be launched next month during the rumored PlayStation State of Play. If this progress will be accompanied by the release date, it is not indicated in one way or another. However, if the game will be launched this year, I would expect a launch date that accompanies the new media.

If you believe in the source in question, the second trailer will reveal the types of skills and skills that players will have at their disposal in the game, which presumably means that we will obtain our first appropriate look at the gameplay of the game.

Unfortunately, there is still no news when exactly the PlayStation game status will occur, so we do not have accurate information about when fans should anticipate the second trailer beyond some time of March. That said, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt. Everything here is not official and is subject to change. So far, no official match has commented on the report and speculation it has generated, but if this changes, we will update the article accordingly.

Legado de Hogwarts is in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. It is officially scheduled to launch at some point of 2022.

«Legado de Hogwarts is an open world immersive action role play set in the world presented for the first time in the books of Harry Potter”, it is read in an official comment on the game. «Embark on a trip through new and family places while exploring and discovering fantastic beasts, personalize your handmade potions and characters, it dominates the launch of spells, improves your talents and become the wizard you want to be. Experiment Hogwarts in the 19th century. Your character is a student who has the key to an ancient secret that threatens to destroy the magic world. Discover the feeling of living in Hogwarts while you do allies, struggles against dark magicians and finally decide the fate of the magical world. Your legacy is what you do about it. Live the unwritten ».

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