How to defeat pumpkogol in Elden Ring?

How to defeat pumpkogol in Elden Ring?

The pumpkin head can be found in the ruins of the waypoint, it is a checkpoint in front of the commodity teacher. It can also be found in the usual world, and he has the same attack scheme as its version of the boss. He possesses just a few attacks, and all of them are well telegraphed to know what move comes out during the animation. Pumpkin head can be difficult for far-fighting characters, but quite performed with timely attacks.

How to defeat the pumpkin head in the waypoint ruins

Massive boss giant, Pyfvogol , has several squeezed movements that can hit it on the side. To stick to the rear is a safe option, however, players should avoid spending all their endurance on the attack, as the lack of endurance for emergency throws is that, because of what most players fall into attacks. Some attacks can be fired , just go towards the opposite attack to avoid damage. Far battle characters that are tied to the boss will often beat him on the head, which has significantly greater protection than the rest of the body. Racing the attacks or waiting for the blocking of the pumpkin head in the animation is the best way for far-blood players. Apply damage by body.

Double Horizontal Swing

The most common reception, which players will be seen when using a pumpkin head, is a combination of two blows using it NAM . This attack is easy to notice, as the boss lift the circuit to the left of the player, and then wet twice. Both waves will be horizontal, and players can roll back during the animation to avoid hitting and get damage while it is blocked in his wave. Players can also roll back from the attack, getting a sufficient distance for healing or conducting distant attacks until it can approach.

Front Punch

The most punishable and appreciative damage attack of the pumpkin head is frontal blow . This technique is a slow vertical attack with which the boss will start animation. Twist his circuit and then raise the weapon and clap. Fit this attack will cause a lot of damage, but it is easy to notice and avoid. Far battle players can simply run back, shooting shells, and melee characters can shy or roll the attack to be behind her. The blow itself has a larger hitbox than it seems, so you need to roll back to avoid damage from impact.

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kick down and blow

Pumpkin head has an additional attack that can be used to extend one of its other techniques. Its Punch down You can use yourself or after Punch down . By itself, the attack has a blow faster than its clockwork version, but it does not cause such a large damage. This is telegraphs the pumpkin head, raising his circuit in the air, and then immediately throwing it down. If there is no continuation, players can damage, but it often combines with this movement. Hooke a fist . A hit by itself is a fast attack from which players can shy or shy away. This attack is a combo-ender, and it can be safely attacked after the end of the animation and before it proceeds to the next attack.

Uppercot combo

Pumpkin head dock can be combined with separate initial movement, Uppercot . The telegraph of the Uppercot is not too different from his other attacks and pulls the hand in almost an attack before performing the attack. He will follow this attack his blow down and players familiar with the evasion of this movement by themselves will easily pass through the attack. Far battle players can dodge back from the original Uppercot and begin to damage, because the blow does not have a lot of distance. Melee characters can shy away from the Uppercot, rolling towards or behind the boss, and immediately start attacking, because the blow will only take those who are in front of the pumpkin head.

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Quick Turn

Players who attack the side of the pumpkin head, can fall into the boss trap. Quick turn . This attack makes the pumpkin head quickly turn to anything on the side to make one horizontal wave chain. Most often, he attacks players who attack on the side or behind the boss. He quickly changes his position to then use other attacks. However, it is fairly easy to return to a good position, as you know how to evade other attacks, quite simple. Players are close to the pumpkin head, it is difficult to notice this attack, since the head of the boss can freeze the camera. This is because the animation is very similar to the beginning Double horizontal swings . Players, attacking parties, in any case will know what to do a throw from this turn, so players can feel safe, knowing that as soon as they recognize the templates of this move, they will also know this only move.


The deadly attack of the pumpkin head and the best defense is its massive head. He will use his head to fulfill headband which has tracking . That is, he will aim on the player, regardless of his position and try to attack him. It is very difficult to reflect this attack, and the most secure strategy is to roll back to the side of the attack or from it. Distabuses inside will allow players to get damage, while rollback gives the player for some time to treat. Players of a long battle will be difficult to roll back from the head of his head, as it closes most of his hitsbox his big head. Waiting for other attacks or evasion to the pumpkin head to cause damage, much better, since the attack of the head will practically do not cause damage. The scope of the impact is quite large, so the late throw will make the player still get a blow .

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