FC Schalke 04 | Umbruch in summer: These stars have to go

FC Schalke 04 | Umbruch in summer: These stars have to go

Whether Oberhaus or 2nd Football Bundesliga: The FC Schalke 04 is a big change in summer. Now it was revealed which stars after the season with great security must take their hat.

In the narrow race race in the 2nd league, FC Schalke 04 is currently in place with 41 points. The distance to the relegation place and place two is three points, 45 meters currently has Werder Bremen as leaders. After 24 matchdays is still completely unclear, who ends up the way to the Beletage of German football. Whether the royal blue in the summer must belong to or a further round in the second class: the squad of S04 will change clearly according to “Oberhaus Image”.

According to information of the sheet, there will be a variety of personnel changes. This includes the goalkeeping position. Currently, Martin Fraisl is between the posts, which moved shortly after the start of the season for virgin Ralf Fährmann. But according to the report, the doubts about Fraisl are getting bigger.

One of the crunching point is to be his bad positioning game that has encouraged the coaches in video analyzes more negatively. Although the Treaty of 28-year-old expires shortly, there is apparently no contact. A clear sign.

In addition to Fraisl then Danny Latza could leave the club. There are two problems with the captain. On the one hand, his combat values ​​for a defensive midfield player are too bad (only 42.6 percent of his duels), on the other hand, there was also internal quarrels with Dimitrios Grammozis. Latza had criticized the coach behind his back in the cabin. Although a pronunciation took place, the ratio should have suffered according to information of “Oberhaus Image”.

What The Hell Happened To Schalke 04?

Schalke-duo would probably only stay with the rise

If Schalke misses the climb, Grammozis should not get a new contract. Only then does a Latza whereabout seem realistic. Unlike Latza Reinhold RANFTL definitely no longer has a future on Schalke. His previous services were too weak. Also defensive colleague Marcin Kamínski must be supposedly bonded. With him problems were made in the speed.

It looks different from Malick Thiaw and Ko Itura. Both are among the undisputed power carriers in the defensive, but are also in demand for other clubs. Opportunities that the duo remains exist only if Schalke rises. Then S04 could draw the option that is anchored in the Treaty of Itkura, which came from Manchester City at Leihbasis and costs four million euros.

In the case of Thiaw, there is apparently a salary clause in the contract. The 20-year-old will soon rise to a salary of 1.3 million euros a year and thus earn twice as much as most of his colleagues. This salary would not be possible for the royal blue in league two simply. And: On the other hand, the U21 international could also rinse a large transfer to the pilgrims.

The last one in the bundy is Dominick Drexler. He should – like Latza – have a critical opinion on Grammozis. In addition, the midfielder could not recommend athletic, let alone.

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