BVB | Barca Boss demonstrates negotiations with Haaland

BVB | Barca Boss demonstrates negotiations with Haaland

The FC Barcelona is one of the clubs that make hopes for a commitment of BVB star Erling Haaland in the coming summer. Talks between the parties have already taken place. According to Barca-Boss Joan Laporta has not been negotiated.

The fact that there was a meeting between Barca coach Xavi, Haaland-Consultant Mino Raiola and also the striker himself, Club President Joan Laporta did not demonstrate on Saturday. Nevertheless, he played that the FC Barcelona has already negotiated with the BVB over a change.

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“At Barca we do not negotiate with the player. If we have to negotiate, then we will do this with Borussia Dortmund, if it comes,” said Laporta, who denied the reports on negotiations on a Haaland transfer “categorically” negotiations.

The FC Barcelona constantly attempts to further improve the squad. “We work and plan, but with the player there is nothing to negotiate”, reaffirmed Laporta, who said it did not have a meeting with BVB from Club side.

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That coach Xavi met with Haaland in recent weeks, but she did not want to deny laporta. This encounter was played down by the Barca President.

“I am convinced that athletes can talk to each other. They can talk about football, they know themselves. And to change to Barca, is attractive, because the team is under construction and we have many young players with great talent, who have a presence and future, “says the club chef.

By the way, Laporta did not take the name Erling Haaland for good reasons. “I do not want to talk about players, because everything I say would only drive the price.” He knew who he had to turn to negotiate. And this is the donating club and not the player.

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