10 tricks, as you never fall asleep in front of the TV

10 tricks, as you never fall asleep in front of the TV

1. Method: Sitting upright

The more cozy the atmosphere, the greater the risk of television. If you are warmly rolled up in a blanket and comfortable, the entire body relaxes and shuts down – the ideal requirement to fall asleep.

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If you are hard to sit upright on the sofa, try it with a gymnastic ball – they do not sleep on it.

2. Method: light

For the perfect TV experience, an absolute must be switched off or dimmed light. But darkness ensures the committee of Melatonin. The body’s sleeve hormone causes you to get tired and slowly expire into a sleep.

Next time, let the light on, if only a little dimmed.

3. Method: Fresh air

Fresh air also helps against fatigue. If the carbon dioxide concentration rises in the room, the air is not only stuffy, but also to a stress test for her body.

If the oxygen content falls, the body has to work more efforts to work with full power. Consequently, they become tired. Just use the advertising breaks, toilet walks or the credits between the consequences to the shock ventilation.

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4. Method: Healthy snack

Healthy alternatives to chips, gummy bears and co are not only better for their body, but also make awighers. While greasy and sugary things are addictive and sluggish, healthy snacks such as nuts and vegetables can make awarward due to their nutrients and water content.

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