Bavaria women in the Allianz Arena

Bavaria women in the Allianz Arena

After the conference break and the rather unilateral trophies, it goes into the eventful March, there will be first decisions.

In the league, the top teams have to make their homework, in the Champions League it becomes historical. In the quarter-final first leg of the royal class against Paris Saint-Germain, FC Bayern women may first run in the Allianz Arena. Finally a real exclamation mark of the club, a great opportunity.

The VfL Wolfsburg had preferred with the announcement to play again in the Volkswagen Arena in 2013 in 2013. The Bayern pulls – and that was really time. In other countries, the highlight games are held in the great stadiums. There are always spectator records broken and the women’s football offers an appreciative stage. Barcelona will compete against Real Madrid in the now upcoming Champions League quarterfinals above 85,000 spectators in the sold out, time-honored Camp Nou. A great signal deserving respect.

The VfL Wolfsburg is progressing, takes over the pioneering role and also makes first Big Points on the Transfer Market. The two national players Merle Frohms and Jule Brand change to the new season to VfL. How to, Mr. Kellermann. Real top transfers!

After the decision of Almuth’s training to leave VfL Wolfsburg in the summer, Kellermann had to act directly. He gave Frohms back in their “home”. The Torfrau born in Celle already played from 2011 to 2018 at VfL, but did not come past Alisa Vetterlein and Schult. To collect game practice and go the famous next step, she left Wolfsburg, played two years at the SC Freiburg and then moved as a national goalkeeper in the summer of 2020 to Eintracht Frankfurt.

Frohms wants to be number one to the EM

At the Eintracht, it is also through its position in the national team leadership player, progresses and has clear goals. In the summer she wants as a number one to the European Championship to England, it will certainly be a very close decision for the number one in the goal – in the competition with shoulder. After that, the next career step is to follow in Wolfsburg, its performance must be even more consolidated, especially due to permanent duels against great opponents, also on an international level. Shoulder not only athletic great footsteps, in which Frohms can grow in gradually.

Kellermann also used his many years of experience in Brand to bring the top talent to Wolfsburg. At the TSG Hoffenheim, the wing player conspicuously plays, causes himself to attentive through their speed and irresistible dribblings. The 19-year-old Badener also played very dominant in her first Champions League season and showed her skills on an international stage.

After Lena Latteine ​​and Tabea Waßmuth, she is already the third player, which changes from the TSG to the VFL within a very short time. For Hoffenheim, it is certainly a compliment for good work, but also means the challenge of having to start with new forces “from the front”. What to hold on: Congratulations to Hoffenheim, there are young talents top.

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Transfer trend recognizable – championship exciting

FC Bayern has repeatedly resorted to talents from the SC Freiburg in recent years, the VFL now uses TSG again and again. A clear trend can be seen. The best players continue to switch to Bavaria and Wolfsburg or play – such as Sara Däbritz, Melanie Leupolz or Dzsenifer Marozsan – now abroad.

Of course, the domestic league does not necessarily make it more attractive if Bayern and Wolfsburg always play around the championship. In contrast to the men’s Bundesliga, however, there is at least a serious title race. The output is uncertain this year and thus more exciting for the fans.

For the teams behind the two big ones, but also perspectives are shown. They are the “training clubs”, their structures need to be further developed in order to keep important players in the future. The TSG, the Eintracht and Potsdam or Freiburg are currently lacking the corresponding sporting successes. The third place in the table entitled to the Champions League qualifier is now a great incentive, even in the DFB trophy, a team would finally break the constancy of Wolfsburg (seven tracks in a row!).

So that pursuers can create it to play and perceive internationally. Hopefully, this also loosens further financial resources of clubs.

It is pleasing that teams like Hoffenheim and this season also Frankfurt are repeatedly and better able to annoy the big ones with a balanced squad and to reduce points through team unity. But there is still a lack of continuity in the caders to intervene complete in the title fight.

Holt Wolfsburg Däbritz and Wälti?

On an international stage it has become harder for the VfL Wolfsburg. The foreign leagues are too lucrative, especially for international players – especially England. So the VFL had to let Pernille Harder, Caroline Hansen or Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir in the past three major players attract international top clubs.

Now it is rumored that the VFL with Sara Däbritz (PSG) and Lia Wälti (Arsenal) wants to commit two top stars to the new season. That would be an absolute exclamation mark with the Bayern’s competitive thinking and also a positive movement for the league. However, I do not believe that these changes can be realized from a financial point of view.

Much more realistic is already a change of Slovenian Sara Agrez from Turbine Potsdam. The central defender with strong left foot radiates extremely a lot of rest despite her 21 years. For the defensive would be a good alternative after the exits of Sara Doorsoun and Sofie Svava.

Allianz-Arena as a satchel

All fans are looking forward to the Champions League quarterfinal games in March. The VfL Wolfsburg meets the current English leader Arsenal. In the premier class, the VFL in this season, however, is a real wound bag. Almost in the group stage, suddenly and surprisingly the group win against one this evening catastrophic Chelsea. Quarterfinal – madness! Wolfsburg is in a good mood. It would not be surprised if they surprise against Arsenal.

Bayern get it with PSG as in 2017. At that time, the Münchnerinnen, even in the quarter-finals, played in the stadium at Grünwalder Straße in front of 7300 spectators – until today the viewer record! I was still active in the square, the 1-0 victory was an absolute goose bump experience.

After moving to FC Bayern Campus in the summer of 2017, it should now be even greater for individual top games, the Allianz Arena as a broadcasting and recent site for the players.

Verena Schwers

Verena Schwers has played in the Bundesliga for the SC Freiburg and the top clubs VfL Wolfsburg and Bayern Munich. Among other things, she won twice the Champions League and the German Championship. The defender also completed 47 international matches for the DFB selection. In the summer of 2020 she finished her active career.

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