Cant find spring keeper in Destiny 2? Thats why

Cant find spring keeper in Destiny 2? Thats why

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Spring keeper is a completely new enemy with whom you will encounter in the “Source” task in Destiny 2. There are two modes in this task: Attack as well as Protection . So, if you have access to Source: Protection Today you will come across Fresh as a final boss.

However, if you have access to Source: Attack You can challenge Spring keeper. These two operating modes WellSpring in Destiny 2 are changing daily. Rotation occurs during DESTINY daily reset 2. Watch in Destiny 2 is reset in 17: 00 for worldwide coordinated time daily.

The light and the spring keeper is associated with one of the new tests in Destiny 2. You need to defeat two bosses to accomplish this task. Thus, the best way to fulfill this task is to start the activity of Wellspring a few hours before daily reset. Win all the bosses available to you at that time, and then play the daily reset time to defeat the remaining two bosses.

Now that you know why you can not find the custodian of spring in Destiny 2, read Destiny 2: Zura’s weekend inventory – 03/04/2022, only in professional guides on the game.

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