Söckler puts late punch against the Stuttgart dot heads

Söckler puts late punch against the Stuttgart dot heads

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It was on the Waldau, 4650 spectators came to the very football weather for the floodlight cranger between the two dot head of top teams of the league, the Stuttgart dot heads and the SGV Freiberg. And in the end, the guests cheered through a hit late in the detention time.

The first half-opportunities belonged to the SGV, but the first half presented himself a lot of opportunity. Both teams embraced – with the last action before the break, Freiberg went, which did more for the game, not undeserved in front: During a return, the dot heads defense was not quite sorted quite, a beautiful cross-borne mounted Mauersberger by head into the corner To 1: 0 (45.). After restart, the dot heads of course became active, Campagna tested Burkhardt with a magnificent distance volley. Freiberg operates right passive in this phase – and that should take revenge: after an hour roomy moss, the penalty area released, a ball under the lath and on the net – 1: 1 (60th). Little later ricely missed in front of Burkhardt the Stuttgart’s leadership. After a throat made for a game interruption and a long screening time, the Freiberger, which was not much to be seen in the second passage, came in the last action of the game then still for the lucky winner. The fell after a corner: Sökler ran on the short post and extended the ball into the long corner for rejuvenated 2: 1 for his SGV (90. + 7). The dot heads were served.

“I can not reproach my team,” said dot heads coach Ünal, “the game has shown that we will make pressure until the end in the fight for space one.” With his opposite, SGV coach Sbonias, he agreed to have seen a “horny game”. “Both teams went to the borders, both teams had the chance to Lucky Punch. We used them today,” says Sbonias.

Since the Stuttgarten rejoined: Moos met at see 1: 1. Imago / press photo Baumann

Göppingen underpinned three

But elsewhere was played on this Wednesday evening. Thus, the Göppinger SV in the pursuit duel with 2: 1 against FC Villingen – too, the winning hit was only in the detention time. It was a happy victory, the Renner produced only in minute 90. + 3 by head. Curios fell the 1-0 leadership of homeland in passage one: Villingen-Keeper sy shot at a tee of Hölzli, the ball sproodled to the 1-0 over the line (23rd). The 1: 1 compensation had made Sautner just before the end by free kick (86.). Göppingen underpins third place, also because of the CFR Pforzheim at Kellerkind Freiburger FC with 2: 4 underlay. Already for a break, the FFC led to FurioSem start with 4: 1. A strong team performance of the Freiburg, which thus collect important counters against the descent.

And the TSG Backnang also went empty this Wednesday – and despite 2: 0 leadership. The FC Nattingen, however, did not need 20 minutes after restart to turn the encounter. Okay with the TSG is now the FC Rielasingen-Arlen, which won 2-1 at FC Bruchsal. A deserved, albeit scarce success, won the descent threatened homely just the last 20 minutes even almost a counter. Rielasingen put the foundation for victory at halftime one.

Life signs in the basement

In the basement FV Lörrach-Brombach FV Lörrach-Brombach fell the most hits of the day: With 3: 5 the homeland defeated the FV Ravensburg – too here was a 2-0 pause guide not to countable. On a strong first followed at Lörrach a miserable second half: five goals within 45 minutes are a clear language. Meanwhile, new hope drew the table top last TSV Ilshofen, who won 3-0 against the Sport Union Neckarsulm. But also the sports fans village features were glad against the FC Astoria Walldorf II over three points. Yannick Schmidt, who only for pause residue only for village facings, then scored the winning goal just before the end, became a matchwinner for the sports lovers.

Still to a counter fought after 0: 3-half depreciation of the SV Linx at FSV Bietigheim-Bissingen. After enormous performance increase after the break, Linx needed, which after 25 minutes already 0: 3 backlage and a similar debacle looked forward as at the 0: 7 preliminary ground slopes, eight minutes for three goals in the final phase. A clear courier for Tables-15., The currently six counters are missing on the saving shore. Now occupied the SSV Reutlingen, who underlined in an important game to the table removal of SV Oberachern with 0: 1. The gate of the day in a balanced game achieved Awell from a pointed angle. Reutlingen has been waiting for a threesome for four games.

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