Augsburg against Mainz is also relocated

Augsburg against Mainz is also relocated

The Corona outbreak at Mainz 05 with a total of 20 cases again has an impact on the Bundesliga schedule. After relocating the home game against Dortmund to the 16. In March, the Mainz also has to be moved away from FC Augsburg. In recent days, there had been some irritation between the affected clubs, especially FCA Managing Director Stefan Reuter and Mainz board Christian Heidel expressed controversial.

After FCA Managing information, the Rheinhessen ranged new documents on this Thursday, which were not made accessible to FC Augsburg at the DFL. Subsequently, the League Association granted the appropriate application and will re-start the game. A catch-up appointment should be “announced as soon as possible” according to the DFL message.

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“We would all preferred to play football on Saturday” Sports Executor Christian Heidel is quoted in the Mainz association message. “But we are facilitated that the DFL followed our application is a decision in the sense of the fair competition and the health of the players.”

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Decisive was the status of goalkeepers

Decisive for the DFL decision was after FCA Managing information that the three infected goalkeeper Robin Zentner, let Rieß and Finn Dahmen are still not recovered. According to DFL playing order, at least 16 among license players and / or the license team to be amateur amateurs / contract players must be available. These 16 actors must include at least nine license players, including a goalkeeper.

Discussions existed in recent days around the classification of Dahmens injury – regardless of his infection. The question of whether whose syndesmoseriss is not considered “sporty-type”, the association did not go after. This could have been crucial in case of timely recovery. In paragraph 2 of the DFL policy guidelines, it says: “In the decision on an application, sports typical facts (injuries, sports sets, etc.) are… not to be considered.”

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