Lost Ark Down: Server Today Offline

Lost Ark Down: Server Today Offline

Lost Ark goes offline : Today, a multi-hour downtime is at the MMORPG. In a current forum post, the developers call the first information about the weekly maintenance: Let’s start at 8 o’clock . Game contributions and logins are then no longer possible. The plan provides for a downtime of six hours. Therefore, the servers should return at 2 pm and let Lost Ark play again as usual. Note that the information is not final and it can lead to shifts during the downtime.

Servers CLOSING FAST, don't get separated from your friends during the Lost Ark Launch
In the course of the maintenance work, the developers of Amazon and SmileGate RPG play a new update , the additional optimizations and bugfixes for Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €). From the Patch Notes shows that the events in the game were adapted so that they are now being triggered correctly at summer time. “Please note that the time in the game can deviate depending on the local summer time settings of the player’s computer; we will in future introduce a permanent solution for this problem,” complete the developers.

Defective timer: compensation for all players

Due to the previous problems around the timers at Lost Ark and the confusion for the temporary Arkesia-Grand Prix Event , the developers 3,000 Grand Prix-Event tokens are distributed as compensation to all players. “We are also aware of a mistake that turns players to attend Arkesia’s great prize when trying to complete the event quest with a character under level 50,” complete the developers. Even during the event period, a fix should appear, which fixes the problem.

Compensation for Tytahlos guardian raid

A compensation will also receive all the Lost Ark players who participated in Tytahlos-Guardian battles while he was faulty. The compensation varies depending on the player, but may include, among other things, stones of awakening, consumable combat objects, phoenix springs or blue crystals. The items can be found after completing the downtime in your mailbox. Finally, the makers in the patch notes share the new Lost Ark update that monthly and weekly crystal bonus packages now grant the players to the corresponding bonuses. All bonuses were also activated retroactively.

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