How do Kupang share and deliver a lot of goods every day?

How do Kupang share and deliver a lot of goods every day?

Kupang disclosed the “Kupang Technology Innovation” video of Kupang’s technology innovation, which helps camped members, which introduces the technology to create a more convenient technology of logistics classification and Kupang friends’ delivery of Kupang friends.

Kupang introduced auto-sorector, an automatic classification system that automates the logistics classification process in the shipping camp, so that the operator could work easier and more efficiently.

Auto Sector automatically categorizes up to 100,000 products every day to dramatically reduce the workload of the classification representative. A typical classification system should categorize the courier volume by the addresses on the conveyor belt by the address that the worker is in the invoice. However, Auto Sector automatically classifies the products by region, so that the classification representative is not difficult, Actually, camp workers who are working at Yongin 1 camp said, “Classification was easier,” he said, “It can be easily and convenient.”

Kupang’s technology is making it conveniently making the work of Kupang friends who actually ships the goods. When you turn on your work PDA on the logistics shop, you can see the workload and shipping areas for yourself. Considering various kinds of camps in every day, the number of work, such as the number of work,

Kupang friends do not separate classifications separately. Unlike other courier service, the helper, which is the automatic classification system in the camp and the classification dedicated person, in advance. Kupang friends must take care of the assigned volume to Kupangka. The way Kupang friend loads the goods in Kupangka is also different from other courier vehicles. Kupangka has a side sliding door and a shelf, there is a lot easier to organize and even find things.

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In the process of carrying out the actual delivery task, the work PDA internal system assists the shipping efficiency of the Kupang friend. When shipped, you can see some of the fresh food shipping in each neighborhood, and the PDA will help the PDA to help the optimum shipping path. In addition, since the delivery point information is confirmed at a time in the PDA, it is possible to treat the work of delivery and freeback recovery at a time, so that it can prevent the inefficiency from which the customer delivery points to the customer delivery site.

Kupang officials said, “We have become easy and convenient for the efficiency of continued technology development and investment,” said the workers are easily and convenient, “Kupang is making a customer experience that was not before Kupang’s technology.”

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