NFL: Jakob Johnson Happy via Raiders

NFL: Jakob Johnson Happy via Raiders

The German Football Professional Jakob Johnson is looking forward to his new task at the Las Vegas Raiders.

“From the coaches, from the facility, from the FanBase – a great situation for me,” said the 27-year-old Stuttgart of the “German Press Agency” after the Raiders on 17 March a contract for a year had signed. “It’s just exciting to be new to something new.”

The Raiders previously founded in Oakland play only since 2020 in Las Vegas and related a new stadium and a new training ground. Since January, Josh McDaniel’s head coach, which was previously responsible for the offensive of the New England Patriots and has already worked with Johnson.

“The patriots have informed me that they will no longer need my services for next season, just because they will no longer have my position on the rust,” Johnson said.

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Johnson ensures NFL Novum

He had made his agent and focused on his workout. “Then the call came in that there are interest. And with coach McDaniel and an offense in which I’ve already played, and a heap of coaches, who already know me by the Patriots, that that’s probably the best situation,” he said.

Johnson had landed through an NFL funding program for international talents at the Patriots and then called by coach Bill Belichick in the active squad.

The fullback worked in the three years a very good reputation on its position. Johnson also fingered a touchdown and is the first offensive player from Germany, who succeeded in the NFL.

“My preparation is now in full swing, for me that’s just an extra motivation to be in a new team. That’s just more exciting,” said Johnson and also sees private benefits in his new location: “Many friends and Family wanted to visit me and it’s probably easier to persuade to come to Vegas. “

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