Beer mug meets linear judges at the head: Friday game in Bochum canceled

Beer mug meets linear judges at the head: Friday game in Bochum canceled

It was a poisonous Bundesliga game, which Bochum and Gladbach especially in the first 45 minutes. After the side, it was a double strike of the foal by Plea and Embolo, which brought the guests to the winning road (55., 61).

In the 69th minute, the heated mood in Bochum found its low point: Referee Assistant Christian Ggantmann was hit by a full beer mug at the back of the head, then sank to the ground. Gittenmann threw the mug over the gang, shaking his head shaking towards the Bochum fans. Referee Benjamin Cortus accompanied his line judge from the field and then in the cabin. The Bochum professionals – everyone forward Keeper Manuel Riemann – sought angry the conversation with the affected fanblock.

Shortly thereafter, the team of Gladbach left the lawn, which followed Bochumer. A quarter of an hour later, the stadium spokesman officially announced that the friday play was broken off.

Bochum “warned” in the afternoon

Even in the afternoon, the Bochum had spread a video in their social channels, in which Captain Anthony Losilla pointed out that “beer is not throwing, but for drinking” there. At least with a Bochum fan, the message did not arrive.

The last scoring in the Bundesliga dated from 1 April 2011, when a beaker’s throw for the premature end of the Bundesliga lot between St. Pauli and Schalke 04 had taken care of. The game was considered 2: 0 for the royal blue.

2021/22: game breaks in Duisburg and food

West Catholic's Abbey Kimball and head coach Jill VanderEnde speak after winning quarterfinal game
And it was not the first game break in German football in the season 2021/22. In the 3rd league, the part of the VfL Osnabrück at the MSV Duisburg on the 20th matchday after a racism incident was not ended, in Essen the Regionalliga-West Summit between Rot-Weiss and Prussia Münster was 1-1 after one Böllerwurf canceled prematurely. Osnabrück and Duisburg agreed on a recurrence game that became a spectacle. Münster, however, received the points from the RWE game at the green table.

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