Hogwarts Legacy – all confirmed magic and what they do

Hogwarts Legacy – all confirmed magic and what they do

Hogwart’s Legacy lets you learn various spells and then of course use. Which ones are, we can at least sometimes recognize on the basis of the trailer, which was shown yesterday. During the 15-minute gameplay, there were already some spells to see. Here we list you for you, as good as it works.

Transfurdity at J.K. Rowling: The success of Hogwarts Legacy comes indirectly Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling benefits that participates through existing publishers and the associated sales of the books. Rowling has been increasingly noticeable in the past by transfather’s statements. If you want to inform you closer about the topic, you will find further information here, among other things.

These spells have already confirmed the Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

That’s why it’s about: This year, Hogwarts Legacy should appear and fulfill pretty much any fantasy of all Harry Potter fans. At least, if everything goes well. On yesterday’s state of Play, a 15-minute gameplay trailer has been shown, which has revealed many new information – of course, naturally also spells.

These spells were shown:

  • ACCIO : With this summoning spell, you can summon, for example, certain things.
  • Avada Kedavra: One of the forbidden, unforgivable deaths. Causes the immediate death.
  • Descendo : smashes enemies or objects on the floor.
  • Diffindo : cutting or tearing things.
  • Expelliarmus : beat your counterparties things out of your hands.
  • Incendio : creates fire.
  • Lumos : He will light! Is used for general enlightenment.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Footage REVEALED (+Release Date and FAQ) - Villain REVEALED!
* Petrificus Totalus : The body of the target is paralyzed, he acts as petrified.
* Protego : A kind of shield spell that can throw back weapons and curses.
* Reparo : Repair items that are broken. For example, the bridge in the trailer.
* Stupor : Enemies are in a sense, they are frozen and become unconscious.
* Wingardium Leviosa : A floating spell that lets things or living beings in the air.

Look at the Gameplay Trailer to Hogwarts Legacy here:

The fact that you can also express the Death Flow Avada Kedavra, suggests that you may also decide to play a bad wizard or a bad witch in Hogwarts Legacy. That would also fit well with the previous clues:

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Hogwarts Legacy:

In Harry Potter-RPG you can probably become evil


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It probably does not take for so long until Hogwarts Legacy appears. If everything goes according to plan, the Harry Potter-RPG should already appear at the end of this year. The release is planned for both PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X, as well as for PC and the Nintendo Switch. We are curious how well that works.

Which spells are you looking forward to the most in Hogwarts Legacy?

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