BVB: Incredible numbers! So expensive is the Haaland

BVB: Incredible numbers! So expensive is the Haaland

The time of top striker Erling Haaland at Borussia Dortmund apparently goes to the end. Still, the poker is not decided by the Norwegian Final. Nevertheless, exorbitant numbers are now penetrated what the signature of the ShootingStar will probably cost his new club.

As the “picture” writes, a total package of gigantic 355 million euros will be due for a Haaland transfer during this summer, which focuses on a transfer fee, salary and bonus payments.

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In the case of BVB, in the event of a farewell to the Goal Hunter, the fixed transfer fee of 75 million euros would go, which has been reported in the media for months. The report after the revier club does not quit the amount but not al1. Ten million euros, the Dortmund would have to forward directly to consultant Mino Raiola, who should have assured a participation.

Haaland’s new club had to fulfill its salary performance of 40 million euros per year. As part of an expected five-year contract, the salary component alone in the overall package amounted to 200 million euros. Special payments for titles or other awards are not even included.

BVB-Bond probably no option anymore

Last Poche the environment of the national player still to several signature bonuses, which are stamped on the contract period. Father Alf-Inge demands 30 million euros for the signature of his protégé. Consultant Raiola wanted to gild the change with another 40 million euros.

Recently, the signs compressed that Haaland leaves the BVB in summer towards Manchester City. Father Alf-Inge played for the skyblues. In addition, the Sheikklub is probably one of the few clubs on the planet that could meet the requirements.

According to the “kicker”, the change is not yet decided. The only true competitor in the transfer poker is probably Real Madrid, for which the financial dimensions could also be too great.

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