Elden Ring Age of the Stars Guide: Step-by-step

Elden Ring Age of the Stars Guide: Step-by-step

An alternative end to the “intended” end in Elden Ring lies in the award of Ranni, the witch, which boasts the Elyden thr1. Compared to other endings, some pretty different steps are to be done, but do not worry. To bring Ranni’s end to the game, it is a simple process. Here you can find out how to end the age of stars in Elden Ring.

How to get the end of the era of the stars in Elden Ring

Elden Ring - Age of the Stars Ending Guide (Ranni Questline Walkthrough)
The end of the stars can even be achieved after the last boss was defeated, so do not worry that you are excluded from the end. You just have to complete RANNIS quest series. Here we have an extremely detailed guide on how to complete it.

A good indicator of whether you have completely completed your quest, if you unfortunately suppress the rage of Blaidd and mitigated it ultimately. You will also receive the Moonlight Greatsword – or the Dark Moon Greatsword, as mentioned in Elden Ring. If you have them in your inventory, you are basically ready when it comes to achieving a conclusion of this epic trip.

Do not interact with the broken Marika after defeating the Elden Bestie. Instead, there is a blue summon sign nearby. It will resemble the annoying news you see everywhere in the game, but this will ask you specifically with a message to summon Ranni. If you do this, the end will be initiated with it, which ultimately leads to the age of the stars.

This can be considered because of the Fandome, which Ranni has been considered for many as the best end. They begin this game as “virginal”, but they now have Ranni on the throne as Queen and they as their Elden Lord. You have created an end, the Rennala could not, though it can be considered one, where you take control of all things to your will.

In the event that they have excluded from this end by curging with the raging flame, we have a guide that can help you to remove.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC.

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