HSV crisis this time before the April

HSV crisis this time before the April

Again, the former Bundesliga Dino has played a shiny starting position in the rise battle. This time before the beginning of the month of April, in which the hanseates in three years second division literacy has not yet won a single scorch.

The lightness lost

The flattering 1: 1 in Dusseldorf meant the fourth winning game in a row. Far worrying even as the result in the again strengthened Fortuna is the lecture. Because he was characterized by that mothness for the first time, which was regularly a reason for the failure in previous years.

Last minute scorer Robert Glatzel lamented the “definitely weakest first half of the season, it lacked a lot.” Walter counts in his analysis, what exactly: “We did not get to the place at no time, what we have made were extremely trimmed, had no energy, many light ball losses and not the intensity for our position game.”

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That may not be an excuse.

Tim Walter

The previous week with the Corona wave, the 46-year-old did not want to introduce explicitly not as the reason for the blatant benefit. “That,” he says, “may not be an excuse. The opponent also had to do with this topic and has brought much more energy to the place.” Although Walter praises that his eleven never lose faith, “and we have rewarded us late,” but the faith alone will not be enough for the great goals when again cornerstones at the crucial phase.

Tunes exemplary

Sonny Kittittel stood exemplary in the two previous years that potential and resistance in the final spurt could not be reconciled. Under Walter, the 29-year-old midfield boss had taken huge steps forward, was in many narrow games of the divisions – in the past three competitive games but he dipped.

A residual hope remains

The next crisis at the time or just a normal delle in the course of a season? The boss had replenished the early substitute David Kinsombi in the final phase on Saturday, because he had to put a fresh impulse “and I did not want to pick up Sonny.” After all, he joined the corner, which destroyed the compensation. A very small rescue anchor in front of the now upcoming country break. It starts with a home double pack against Paderborn and the catching portion against Aue – in the previously dip from April for the HSV.

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