Language girl The fifth anniversary festival starts from March 22 (Tuesday)! Limited event “restoration of peach source picture”, “Ayaishi search” etc. appear one after another!

C4 Connect Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo Shinjuku Ward) is currently in service Smartphone app, Pretty RPG Game “Launched Girl-Hundred Flower Rebellion’s Haruhime” (hereinafter, “Legal girl”) is March 22 From (Tuesday), we will inform you about holding the third round of the fifth anniversary festival.

# “Restoration of peach source picture”

Draw the power of Hunago Nagae and draw a peach source again.
◆ There are a total of 6 peach source pictures in the event. One peach source picture consists of nine fragments, and one piece of fragment can be restored each time the “mandatory rock paint” is used.
◆ You can earn a reward and earn a step reward each time you use the “Major Rock Picture” and restore the peach source picture.
◆ Within the event period, you can earn a strange rock paint from the following events.
Each “Momoyo Source Article”, 7, “Message of Daily Mission”, and 8 from “Signs of Wishes” can be entered.
Besides that, you can purchase from the pack of the “Matsuki Matsuki” event.
◆ The fantake rock paint can only be used within the event period.
After maintenance of March 29, the unused mandatory rock paint can be recovered by item recovery in the warehouse (1st principal treasure).

Period: March 22 (Tuesday) 12:00 to March 28 (Mon) 23:59

# “Search for Ayaishi”

The pigment brought by Hunago Nagato is less.
Let’s find it together to find the Ayaishi needed to produce rock paint to re-draw the views of Taoyuji.

Event loop
This event will be a total of 5 times a total of 5 anniversary festivals.
Every event can be selected as a search team from the specified vice-of-law 30 people.
The search team is 4 people, and you can not select a deputy general in the same set, but you can select the same Vice General for different sets.
After deciding the search team, if the event of that time is the aggregation time, the vice-stone name of the Vicients who found Ayaishi in 30 people will be announced (the sulfur, sulfur, sulfur, with three types, 1 Search for four kinds of Ayaishi).
You can earn rewards depending on the number of Ayaishi who has found the selected search team.

Event period
First start: after event holding
1st Aggregation: March 23, 2022 20:00
Second start: After the first tabulation
Second time summary: March 24, 2022 20:00
Starting the third time: After the second summary
Third Aggregation: March 25, 2022 20:00
The fourth start: after the third tabulation
4th Aggregation: March 26, 2022 20:00
The fifth start: after the fourth tabulation
5th Aggregation: March 27, 2022 20:00

Event reward
Reward when finding 4 group blue in the same set: Awakening Tan x 500
Reward when finding 3 group blue in the same set: Awakening Tan × 150
Remuneration when looking at the same group in the same group: Awakening Tan × 20
Reward when finding four pig sand in the same pair: Flower water x 150
Reward when finding 3 lumps in the same set: Flower water × 45
Reward when looking at two lunch sand in the same pair: Flower water x 6
Reward when finding four male yars in the same pair: Jewelry ticket × 2500
Reward when finding 3 male yars in the same set: Jewelry ticket × 750
Remuneration when looking at two male yars in the same group: Jewelry ticket × 100
Reward when I could not find the above-mentioned Ayaishi: 100 yuan treasure

Period: March 22 (Tuesday) 12:00 to March 28 (Mon) 23:59

# “Five Anniversary”

It was season when peach flowers bloom. Let’s look back on the five years that spent with a losing girl!
Watch “5th Anniversary Memorial Video” in the game and receive “5th Anniversary Limited Reward”!

Period: March 22 (Tuesday) 12:00 to March 28 (Mon) 23:59

# “Leave girl”

Spinning the tongue and promote the story!
How to play is easy, full of allies with friends
Collect the heroes of the runt, and grab victory with your strategy!
Various era warlords become a beautiful girl and is a big success!
A fine and beautiful illustration, a large number of attractive voices!
Deepen the bond with strong and attractive girls and go on the adventure together!
Come on, jump into the world of a girl left now!

I i iOS version download here ▶ Android version Download here

The official Twitter account: @houchishoujo / official Youtube channel: official TikTok account: @houchishoujo / @houchishoujo official capture site: https://source picture/houchishoujo lobi group: Operating company: C4 Connect Co., Ltd. ※ The contents described are information at the time of announcement, Please note that you may change without notice.

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