The Retro Project Warlock II FPS will launch at anticipated access in June

The Retro Project Warlock II FPS will launch at anticipated access in June

Announced in the middle of last year, the development of Project Warlock II seems on good tracks since the studio Buckshot Software has just announced its anticipated output on Steam and Gog for the month of June.

Project Warlock 2 wants to evolve the retro fps. Will it?

PROJECT WARLOCK II will offer three large chapters including six levels each of which would be, we promise, up to ten times larger than those of the first episode. The studio Buckshot Software also ensures that their construction has gained in complexity: “ The levels of the game have evolved towards vertical, three-dimensional, multi-storey structures, platforms and buildings that literally raise the gameplay. Filled with enemies, obstacles, secrets, Easter eggs, benefits and success to unlock, each level of the game can take up to an hour to be finished. “Is it so explained in The statement of the studio. And this _early access version will propose to discover the first of these chapters for about six hours of play if one believes the developer.

The player will incarnate Palmer who will have to defend his castle against an invasion of demons. Remember that each of the chapters of the game will offer us to embody a new hero – the next two being Urd and Kristen – and that all three can count on their own skills, special capacities and armaments. But these three chapters will still share a common point: that of immersing us in a frenetic action of which it should be difficult to leave alive. See you in June to have a first overview. In the meantime, Buckshot Software offers us a little look at the gameplay of this suite in a new trailer.

Video Announced

Project Warlock II – Gameplay Trailer

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