Action Square, 2022 New Roadmap Disclosure

Action Square, 2022 New Roadmap Disclosure

[Data provided: Action Square]

Action Square has released its development roadmap today (24th) today, including two types of new and traditional work, two types of existing works, including two large updates.

Action Square is a game developer who has launched the , based on the success of the , which received the Korean game target for the first time in Mobile Games.

In particular, Action Square has recently established a stable management environment in a large-scale funds, and is actively active in strengthening of a block chain based P2E games and meta bus business using secured funds. In addition, PC, console shooting action game is to launch a new development of new work, including the launch of the US steam,

First, Action Square will launch Global Leading Mobile Games Publisher Tilting Points and Handmade Mobile Games, and the Global Version of Mobile Games in North America and Europe. The company plans to create a scale of tilting points specialized in the scale-up and live publishing models for the global success of the game, and is a formal opening of the tilting points specialized in the live publishing model.

Netflix ‘Kingdom’ IP-based <Kingdom: King of the King of the King is the first release of cinematic images and play images in the second quarter and aims to complete the development of the year. This game is developing as a multi-platform using Unreal Engine to implement the worldview of the original hardcore oriental zombie action as 3D graphics. In particular, the battle of the ‘Kingdom’ original zombie is a motion capture with motion capture, grabbing both game and video mummy, and the fan of ‘Kingdom’ is planned to lead to the attention of the global action game fan floor.

Action RPG P2E New is onboard on the platform line of WMADIDIDID, and plans to be released in 4Q09. New boasts high-quality graphics, overwhelming actions, strikes, and “Three Kingdoms Blaids> and , and developed and developed Use know-how to show upgraded combat systems and action properties.

The multi-platform shooting action game that is served through Xbox game pass and steam is a large-scale ‘Season 1’ update in the first quarter of 2022. Season 1 Update is added to the various content that the users receive feedback after the proxy open. The new bracer quake is formally released through balance adjustment, and ‘season challenge mode’ is also added, and it will be provided with constantly fun and content.

In addition, various weapons and skill effects are added and the effects of artifacts are reconfigured and provide a more depth game property. Anville plans to launch the completion through a large update of the quarterly by starting the Season 1 update.

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Action Square Kim Yeon-jun said, “In addition,” we are in progress for a variety of global companies and new P2E new developments and services, “says,” It is said that it is not ashamed of the title, “It will showcase ahead of the title that is not ashamed to the title”

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