Athena, last major update before the launch of Dual Universe

Athena, last major update before the launch of Dual Universe

In August 2020, the studio Novaquark kicked off the closed beta of Dual Universe , in anticipation of a launch then planned for 2021. The exit was repulsed and is now expected ” Mid-2022 “: To prepare for it, the spatial MMO is preparing to deploy on its test servers its latest major update before launch.


The Major Update Athena will therefore unveil its content to dual universe subscribers on MMO test servers from March 31 to April 4 and aims, in particular, to boost PVP mechanics of the game. Among other things, it incorporates the addition of Extra-terrestrial resources likely to appear in the PVP areas of the game universe, in order to encourage players to compete for a sustainable control. It also evolves the management of the vessel engines to take into consideration the mass of spacecraft, so that a fast and manageable vessel can catch up with a large vessel despite its large reactors. The developer sees the way to rebalance the clashes in space.

At the same time, Athena must also be the last major update before the commercial launch of Dual Universe (the developer points out that small updates could nevertheless be deployed as well). As a result, the developer takes the opportunity to improve the game experience of new players, in order to make the first steps in-game more understandable. In the same vein, spatial commercial stations will also appear, allowing to trade directly from his ship without landing on a planet.

The accurate release date or the launching procedures of Dual Universe are not yet detailed, but Novaquark promises clarification soon.

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