Development Roadmap Presentation, such as battle ground, new map and weapon mastery

Development Roadmap Presentation, such as battle ground, new map and weapon mastery

Craftone (Representative Kim Chang) published 24 days a major development plan in 2022 in Battleground (Pubg: BattleGrounds, Battleground).

From the second quarter of 2022, it is scheduled to restore the Sochmap in the time of release and release a new large map ‘Kiki (tentative (tentative)’, and the map is expected to launch, and the launch of the new gun 7.62mm assault (AR) And inorganic mastery reorganization, ▲ training area and arcade mode improvement, etc.

■ Map update and new map key disclosure such as Sochmap Rollback

The Battle Ground Player is a lot of loving, a massive update in the Biscenerg, and the Biscenergia. Snockmap, which has been constantly updated to represent modernization, returns to the appearance of the players at the time of the release. The initial version of Sonch is scheduled to be updated in the second quarter of stabilization. BKEKIMAP, which is characterized in a different visual element, is also a generic map remake such as new functions and terrain updates. The Biscotti map update is scheduled for the year.

In addition, in the third quarter of this year, it will show the same 8×8 large map ‘Kiki’ of the same 8×8 size as Miramara. Kiki Map has a strong storm, a powerful storm, a flood, and has a feeling of the city that is destroyed by nature, and has a variety of terrain features and vertical terrain structures such as wide grasslands and lush swamps. Especially, the newly emerging wetlands are expected to have a small amount of water that come to the character ankle, which is expected to have a secret approach and engagement between players. Kiki Limited Ride and Function With the Land and Sea, the land and the sea are used in the ‘Airboat’, which can be used in a particular area, “Ascenders”, which can be quickly uploaded, and the distance can be quickly coming up.

In addition, updates that adjust the terrain balance of the paramemap are scheduled for 2Q, and sub-updates of existing maps such as mumma, and then are will continue to proceed.

■ New firearm 7.62mm Advantage Rifru (AR) Released and Weapon Mastery Reorganization

New firearms were also predicted. The new firearms that are developing aimed at 2Q09 are 7.62mm assault rifle, improved relatively high manipulation difficulty of 7.62mm. New 7.62mm assault rifle has a moderate balance of AKM, which is a relatively low performance with Beryl M762 with high-performance high-performance difficulty.

The ‘Mastery System’ is also reorganized the growth type content of the battle ground. The maximum level of weapons is expanded, and additional compensation, such as weapon nameplate, such as a player can boast a player’s achievement when achieving a particular Mastery level. The reorganization of the inorganic Mastery System is scheduled to be done in the third quarter.

■ Reorganization of training area and arcade mode

As the new players enter a number of incoming training, the content of training is also improved. One-to-one space that can be trained in a similar environment in a similar environment, or a player-to-player (PVP) spaces, etc., will be added in the second quarter. It is expected to be a new feature that can be played instantly to each region in the training site for more smooth use of training facilities and friends.

vigor _ weapons crate location guaranteed (snodekt,batterie drugs)map #1firing range
Arcade mode also predicted updates among 4Q, including adding compensation systems and reorganizing the whole. In addition, the pre-play convenience was also promised to continue to remove the inefficiency and provide information that could only be familiar with the experience with the experience.

Battleground roadmap progress will be steadily updated in the future, and more details on the battle ground can be found on the official cafes and homepages.

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