How to get claws beast in ffxiv

How to get claws beast in ffxiv

In Final Fantasy XIV there are dozens of unique items specifically created for Glamor and improve your character’s appearance. One of them is claws of the beast, the subject that takes the place of gloves on your character. But how to get claws of the beast in ffxiv?

In order to unlock claws of the beast, you will need 30,000 MGP and access to Golden saucer . Go to the main counter of the Golden Manderville Society and talk to minister with a golden saucer NPS. Select Prizes I and Other Section Selection Prizes.

When you scroll down, Claws of the Beast will be available for purchase for 30,000 MGP. Claws Beasts can be equipped as an item with minor characteristics or enchant using a glamorous chest or glamorous prism.

Claws of the beast look like a set of long nails of your character, which makes them ideal for cosplay elegant characters, including insidious Joti from Final Fantasy XIV: StormBlood. Otherwise, they are just the perfect accessory for your warrior of light, instead of shooting your hands with uglie gloves or mittens!

FFXIV: 4.2: False Nails Glamour!
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