Wow: cornerstone of creation – LFR

Wow: cornerstone of creation – LFR

The LFR does not necessarily belong to the most popular features in Wow, for some players, but he is the only way to get the bosses of the raid ever to face and fight themselves. Many players, on the other hand, still want to dust one or the other item – among other things, in the LFR, the coveted animal set items are waiting. Whether itemlevel is lower, but the bonuses can still be completed.

In order to not be surprised at your first visit to the LFR, and still have no side-length guides to study, we have for all LFR bosses clear short tips for you. If you think of these few tips, then your success in the LFR should not stand in the way. Because although the bosses are much simpler than in normal mode, at least a minimum of tactics must be played so that they also decrease safely.

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Mausoleum of the first – foundation stone of creation

LFR Cornerstone of Creation 9.2 PTR Feral POV

In the second wing of the mausoleum of the first three bosses wait for you. In addition to Dausegne and the prototype pantheon, Lihuvim is particularly interesting as it gives him the animal set hands to him.


  • Does not stand in the black surfaces and deviates the black, conical attack!
  • Kills and interrits the always again add!
  • Imagine yourself in the blue beam, with the Dausegne aims for a single player to split the damage!
  • When the black rings come, run quickly through the first and then by the second when the debuff has expired!
  • Teleports Dausegne in front of a pillar and looks your reservoir access, then it’s time for offensive and defensive cooldowns!

Source: necessarily belong Source: necessarily belong


  • Phase 1
    • Differ the implications! Kill the four adds so that the growing green area disappears!
    • Interrupting gloomy flash from the prototype of the war!
  • Phase 2
    • Did the blue animals running in straight line!
    • Dear the blue swirl! Interrupting Animablitz from the prototype of renewal!
    • Attract the prototype of the absolution of Ran, then run away again and distribute yourself!
  • Phase 3
    • Now you fight all four prototypes and must pay attention to all the above mentioned points at the same time! Kill the four bosses at the same time – absolution and renewal share life points, just like war and duty!

Source: necessarily belong Source: necessarily belong


  • Stands loose distributed around the boss! If the small circles are far outward and does not stop in the emerging relics that arise at the expiration of the debuffs!
  • In case of doubt you just run until the relic is “out” behind you.
  • With the big circles you can destroy the relics – but you only touch with the circle, not your character!
  • Stay away from the puddles!
  • Teleports the boss in the middle, then you tried to kill one of the automa on the edge before it comes – in the optimal case the acquisition automation (looks like a robo-earth elemental)
  • After the intermediate phase, you all adds to the boss and skin you away!

Source: necessarily belong Source: necessarily belong

With these tips, you should have no big problems with the three bosses in the foundation of creation. Skin a one after another and hopefully sack good prey. If you want to know more about the bosses, you can also take a look in our more detailed guides to the mausoleum of the first throw!

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