All locations of keys

All locations of keys

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 transfers side quests to a new Renaissance map. Players can unlock secret storage with three key keys that appear in fixed places on the map. These quests should be performed, especially at the beginning of the game, since each repository contains high-level items.

Where to find secret storage facilities on the island of Renaissance

Three secret storage facilities are located in the new fortress area on the island of Renaissance. Enter the radio and go to the first door inside the room. After accessing the locker room, you will see three locked storage facilities that can be opened only using the appropriate key keys.

Here is a list of all three key keys and awards that you get after opening the relevant repositories:

  1. Vihor key card: Equipment and cash marker
  2. Persay Map: Advanced CAPP and Cash
  3. Forgotten key card: Specialist bonus, Equipment marker and ammunition box

Where to find the key card Vihor on the island of Renaissance

Vikhor, better known as stych, hid his key card in an affordable underground bunker in the city center. Main Department Construction. Go through the open storage door to the basement to find the key card. Here you can also get a drawing of the Red Milan room. If you have not done this yet.

Where to find a key card Persea on the island of Renaissance

The Perseus key is on the shelf in the office near the Nova plant 6 and east of the residential premises. You can take a card and quickly go to the locker room to get the UAV and cash rewards.

Where to find a forgotten key card on the island of Renaissance

You can find a forgotten key card in the basement Biological Weapon Lab . Since this key card is very far from the locker room storage facilities, the prey you get is very useful and valuable. In the basement, interact with one of the shower, approaching it. Then small stacks of cash and forgotten key card will fall out of the soul.

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