What is fixed in the notes to the Patch of DEAD by Daylight 5.6.2 of March 23?

What is fixed in the notes to the Patch of DEAD by Daylight 5.6.2 of March 23?

Behavior Interactive, Behavior Interactive, has released another patch with correcting bugs for the popular Asymmetric Horror Dead by Daylight. There are several corrections and a well-known problem that is still saved. So let’s go deep into it.

Description Update Dead by Daylight 5.6.2 dated March 23

The well-known problem of the lack of sound killer effects when switching from the menu “Play for the killer” in the store remains. Replacing another killer in the store will solve the problem.

They broke Dead By Daylight with the Sadako Update... (Cosmetic Glitch 5.6.0)

The problem is eliminated, due to which the achievements of DLC “climbing Sadako” on PS4 were not unlocked. The sound effects of the rustic chainsaws were restored, so that the survivors may again feel horror. There were also several cosmetic problems.

Full list of NOTES TO Patch, see the official forums by DEAD by Daylight.

Of course, due to how patches work in Dead by Daylight, even small patches can take too much time. This is due to the fact that the game should check each of the files required for the game. The patch itself is usually loaded pretty quickly (depending on the Internet package), but a long time can leave for unpacking and checking files. No matter how regrettable, the main patience.

To learn more about Dead by Daylight, check out all the privileges of Shrine of Secrets in Dead by Daylight this week (March 23-30) in the players for professionals.

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