Pick reveals: Stalk with Ter Stegen and Schlotterbeck

Pick reveals: Stalk with Ter Stegen and Schlotterbeck

Manuel New has clearly underlined the ambitions at the beginning of the week, in winter in Qatar world champion. But against Israel, his deputy Marc-André Ter Stegen Stegen – and will alternate with Kevin Trapp. “Marc and Kevin”, then flick has set, “will ever play a halftime.” NEW then returns to the Netherlands in the sporty significant test on Tuesday in Amsterdam.

Schlotterbeck as an example, “What is possible”

Of course, it is that before the final man of the FC Barcelona Nico Schlotterbeck will celebrate its international debut. The 22-year-old Freiburg is since Flicks enthroned in the circles of the national team, from Saturday he will then be officially named national player. “Nico”, praises Flick, “makes a tremendous development, he defends very high, is very self-confident, I like it.” At the same time, the coach tells where the center-defender talent still has optimization needs. “Sometimes he is a bit too comfortable and takes out.” About it, reveals flick, he also talked to Schlotterbeck’s Freiburg Clubstrainer. “That sees Christian Streich as well. But in total, Nicos shows example what is possible when young players play.”

The fact that Flick in the World Cup year demands the certain “more” by all, he has made clear since the gathering at the beginning of the week every day, some of them, such as Timo Werner, he has also written this personally and not only in general to the regular book. On Friday, the 57-year-old made this public. The center-runner is belonging to Israel, unlicensed frequently at FC Chelsea, to the starting eleven, but peck demands: “He must be top of the fitness, he also has to offer one or the other more in training, so that he also to play comes. Because in the end everyone is responsible for themselves. “

Important, but not so important

Flick calls for its basic elements. Always. Therefore, he does not classify Saturday as a sporty subordinate appointment. And makes it clear that the fact that the place of Sinsheim is near his hometown of Bammental is a secondary one for him. “Of course it’s nice to have a country game in the home. But I’m not so emotionally that the focus is lost. It is the prelude to the World Cup year, it’s an important game.”

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