Disaster Chefs: The dishes of influencers will be distributed at home in the final gala

Disaster Chefs: The dishes of influencers will be distributed at home in the final gala

Next Tuesday, March 29 will conclude the first season of Disaster Chefs sponsored by Uber Eats. In this Final Gala , couples who proclaimed winners in the first four programs, as well as two other ducts formed by former recurrent contestants by the audience will compete for the title of the best cook of the creation of Spanish-speaking content.

As a special initiative for the final, the program will be available in the Uber Eats application for users of Barcelona. The users of the application will have the possibility of entering a raffle to ask for the dishes that cook the six couples during the final and receive them in their own house, although it has not yet been finalized how long they will take or if it will be the same day.

Recall that the classifieds for the final are the following:

  • Ilojuan and Andrés
  • Paula Gonu and Werlyb

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* Viruzz and Siro López in substitution to Sandor Martín
* Kiko Rivera and Telmo Braid

  • Alexelcapo and Felipez (Repepping)
  • Karchez and Axozer (Repepping)

Since Uber Eats have confirmed that it will work as follows: Once the program participants finish cooking the dish in question, Two embodied from each partner will come out on the final plate, one of them will go for the jury and the Another will be collected live and will be delivered to the winners of the draw on their homes during the second part of the development of the program.

To participate there are a single requirement: to be from Barcelona . If you comply with this, what you will have to do is enter the Uber Eats application, select the Disaster Chefs restaurant and choose your favorite couple of the final, which will be those that we have mentioned above. Once your order is scheduled and confirmed, participating users will enter a draw from which five winners will come up with the dishes cooked by the participants of the Disaster Chefs final.

We do not know yet if the delivery will need to pay for the menu, but what we are sure is that perhaps those who ask for food do not come out “winning”. Imagine that one of the finalists is Jagger, are you sure you would endure something similar to what he did in the program?

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