FC Bergedorf 85 withdraws team after wealth extras

FC Bergedorf 85 withdraws team after wealth extras

What happened? At the time of escalation, for eyewitness reports, the mood on the grounds of the FC Bergedorf in the southeast of the city has been heated for some longer – Bergedorf, as tables-second clearly favored, was surprisingly with three goals. In the 32nd minute then a foul game resulted in discussions and insults between players. There was a red card for a player of home team. But it did not remain: packing, shear shops, brawls followed – guest players of the TUS were hunted over the square and already beaten on the ground, as it is also on a video that the team editorial exists. Cattle against the head it should have given as well.


The game was broken off, the police alerted. At the time of the arrival of the officers, however, the players of the domestic FC Bergedorf have already fled with several cars, as a witness reports. Media reports speak of six injured, two players had to be hospitalized.

The FC Bergedorf 85 reports

Regardless of the criminal and sporting consequences of this sad incident, the domestic FC Bergedorf 85 II responded and his 2nd team deregistered: “According to the reports assigned to us, the already heated mood was escalated in the no-imaginable areas,” writes the club in one of Executive Board Ali Osman Sözen and Head of Department Savas Atlas signed explanation. “Even if we have not had the opportunity to speak directly with players, coaches or carers, we have withdrawn the 2nd men’s team from the game operation due to the current information.”

“It is no longer important to whether our players have been provoked, or as it has come to this violent incident. Such a behavior has no room in our society and should not be repeated,” it continues to say, “We want us in all Form in the players, officials and the casselior guests of the TuS Hamburg and the referee apologize for the behavior of our former team. “

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