The scene with Will Smith raised the ratings of the Óscares

The scene with Will Smith raised the ratings of the Óscares

What happened yesterday during the Óscar Awards will be remembered for a long period of time. Nobody never imagined that Will Smith could react in such a way and less in full award ceremony, but we all saw yes. Be that as it may, this scene with Chris Rock ** really raised the rating of the event, which came in decline since the pandemic began.

As informed The Hollywood Reporter , the measurement company, Samba TV, registered that the highest peak of audience during Óscares happened moment after Smith hit A Rock. Prior to said event, the ceremony registered an audience of 9.7 million viewers, but moments after it happened, increased to 17.4 million.

Will Smith Accepts the Oscar for Lead Actor
Specifically, it was when Smith rose to the stage to receive your prize as Best Actor When the ceremony had its highest peak of spectators. In fact, and as you can see in the above graph, the audience went in decay until Smith decided to hit ROCK .

Editor’s note: , yes, it was expected that Smith’s actions will give him a greater audience to the Óscar Awards, and the interesting thing was that this audience remained at the remainder of the event. I mean, it was no longer missing so that they would end anyway, but even so they help us understand the magnitude of the situation.

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