PS plus Premium: Explanation of PlayStation Plus Premium in detail

PS plus Premium: Explanation of PlayStation Plus Premium in detail

PS plus Premium is Sony’s new highest level of subscription service, which offers a number of advantages that range from free games on discounts to free trials and more. But how it works is a bit complicated, so we will explain PS plus Premium in detail.

PS plus Premium is the combination of the old PS NOW service of Sony and the existing benefits of PS Plus, like free games and discounts in the PlayStation Store. However, there are some important additional advantages that Sony has added to tempt them to spend 120 £ or 100 £ per year.

This guide is based on these advantages, the price you pay in each country and some of the restrictions associated with the highest level in some countries. Continue for the complete overview of PlayStation Plus Premium and everything PS Plus-Premium has to offer.

PS plus premium explained

PS plus premium is the highest level of the PS plus subscription service of Sony it costs $ 17.99 / $ 16.99 / € 13.49 per month and $ 119.99 / $ 119.99 / 99, 99 £ annually . There are a number of important benefits that are offered at the highest level of this service:

  • Two monthly downloadable games to keep
  • Cloud stores
  • Online multiplayer access
  • Exclusive PlayStation Store Discounts
  • A library with up to 400 ps5 and PS4 games
  • 340 ps1, PS2, PSP and PS3 games for download or streaming
  • Select trial versions before publishing a game

However, there are some restrictions on all these advantages. PS3 games in the premium animal can only be streamed and not downloaded. This is most likely at the Cell Processor of the PS3, which is strongly different from the traditional console hardware, which can be seen on most other consoles.

We do not yet know which games will be available to try out before you publish, so it could only be PlayStation Studios title or also contain third-party games.

If you live in a country, the PlayStation NOW currently does not have, the highest subscription level is actually PS plus deluxe. This version of the service contains all other advantages, except for the ability to stream each game from the PS3 era and to access it. The performance is discounted to reflect the power loss.

There you have it! The full overview of PS plus Premium. If you do not plan to buy PlayStation Plus Premium, you can also view the benefits and prices of the PS Plus subscription levels for the lower stages of the service.

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