Battlefield 2042: The game will receive an update soon to try to be up

Battlefield 2042: The game will receive an update soon to try to be up

The last License FPS of Battlefield did not get the canonical start that Electronic Arts expected, and even today, despite numerous patches and corrections, Battlefield 2042 is still rejected by the community. However, it seems that since says are alert to launch a colossal update next month.

Finally, we would have the promise of a game that is up to its inheritance?

Battlefield 2042 finally gets an update...

What do we know about the future update?

Although the information accurate is scarce, this is what we can read in response to a publication in the Official Electronic Arts Forum. This publication comes from the user Straatford87 , Community Manager of the Development Study says:

In addition to these few elements, other communications collected here and there let us know that Two maps will also be reworked : Kaleidoscope and Renewal . Criticized and, sometimes, even considered unbearable, the points of interest of these two maps must be repositioned so that they are easier to achieve, with the goal of improve the fluidity of the game .

Also with this in mind, the number of vehicles of type “transport” must be increased while it should be reduced by the assault vehicles. These developments will allow an easier movement without multiplying tanks and combat helicopters, which would ruin the gameplay. These changes are are currently testing ** in the studies.

In general, what arises from the EA ads and says is that is being listened to the fans . As past and future updates, the objective was and will continue to satisfy the community as much as possible by providing them with the game they expect.

Does Battlefield’s license have a future?

The Battlefield saga is no longer young, and unfortunately it seems that it has been surpassed for his time. The time when Battlefield 2142 arrived to revolutionize the style of the FPS offering a nervous game of war has passed to a large extent, and The failure of the last work confirms this weakness position .

Before the license games call of duty that follow year after year being very followed by genre fans and against the Supremacy of Battle-Royale or other Roguelike type games, it would be really necessary to unpack the electronics. Art license If you want to be the center of attention again. Of course, This classicism can attract part of the shooter community , but the game would still have to be perfect.

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