Playful solution False approach: Magath demands fight

Playful solution False approach: Magath demands fight

“It was as usual again, the Bundesliga has not changed yet,” said Felix Magath, after his first Bundesliga game, as a coach at the sideline for almost ten years at “Sky”. Total dissatisfied, despite the 1-2 defeat in the Rhineland, despite the 1-2 defeat in the Rhineland was not: “We have played abroad at the bottom of the table, of course, there is all courage before the game and says that – and ultimately it was then Even so that Leverkusen has already clearly the better team, but we just in the end, two possibilities had. We too could have done a second goal. “

MAGATH, however, had not liked the performance of his team before the break: “We offered too little fight in the first half and gaming the Leverkusener. Thus, they had a superweight and were also the much better team. In the second half have We kept more difficult to give you more difficulties and thus make the game more open. ” Especially the fighting, before the international farmstone for 3: 0 success against Hoffenheim, was essential in the relegation battle. “When you get down, you’re not playfully so good. That’s the wrong approach. That’s why you have to fight, different you will not get out below,” says Magath.

Magath relies on upcoming training week

Due to the fible break, Magath will have its entire squad from now on. A circumstance that Magath complains: “Of course we had the problem that in the country break, eight, nine players were not there, so you could not train in the team network and could not develop anything. That everyone is seen, you have seen again today, That’s why I can not reproach the players at all. “

Given the ongoing relegation battle and the upcoming meeting with the City Trival Union in the coming week, Magath is therefore fully putting on the upcoming training days in terms of fine tuning. “We have to approach that now in the coming week. Because to Derby we have to grow a bit.”

Despite ribbons injury: hope for strong

False Dilemma Fallacy: Lesson and Activity

Anyway, Magath has made some impression on his players in the short together. “I can still remember how he became Master with Wolfsburg when I was very small. It’s very nice to have someone now as a coach. You learn a lot of him. And you realize when he is in the room “Said Torkeeper Marcel Lotka, who had already come to Leverkusen after a thigh injury from Stammkeeper Alexander Schwolow in the initial phase. Underlying Vladimir Darida, Meanwhile, said that under Magath is now harder than previously trained.

Speaking of injury. After Schwolov, Niklas had to be taken strongly prematurely from the field in the second half, because this hit by a hard shot of Robert Andrich on the left ankle and crossed unhappy. “I can not really watch it right, but at least it did not seem so dramatic, as it looked at the beginning. We do not know exactly if he has torn the band or just dragd. There are therefore still the Hope that he may be back next week, “Magath said about the blessur of his six of his six, whom he knew in the Derby (Saturday, 6.30 pm) probably only too in the squad.

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