Sickinger wants with Elverberg into the 3rd league

Sickinger wants with Elverberg into the 3rd league

When Carlo Sickinger moved to Elversberg in the winter break on a loan base, the Saarlander were more tableable. The newcomer has always been in the starting eleven since then, in his first game, scored the winner for his new team. “I had the feeling of the first second that one is happy that I am here. The boys have not seen a competitor in me, but who helps them achieve their goals,” was right now, “Sickinger was glad Expectations. With him, the Elverberger only climbed five gaming days later to the top of the table and hope for the return to the 3rd league.

Change on Schwartz Half Sickinger not

Sickinger wanted to start in the 2nd league this season in the 2nd league. After nine years at the 1st FC Kaiserslautern, the native Karlsruhe was changed to SV Sandhausen last summer. “I really wanted to take the step into the 2nd league and deliberately chose Sandhausen because I knew the club from my youth. But unfortunately that has not yet been very producted,” was not satisfactory with only six short actions. “The 2nd league is another house number again. Then relatively early a coach change and another game philosophy, which I did not play in the cards.”

Still in September, the SVS Gerhard Kleppinger replaced Alois Schwartz, who could lead the club with a positive balance of the descent zone.

Sickinger, however, who likes to play in the defensive midfield, but can also be used as central defenders, wanted more playing time, thus deciding for a lending to the Greek first division of Apollon Smyrnis. When the change spot buried at short notice, the way was free for the SVE. That he now runs in the two classes deeper regional league, Sickinger does not look as a backward step, but as a new start: “I was looking for a team where I can bring my strengths. I’m really happy here. The most positive is that I am Again football games. “

Last school graduation, then FCK boarding

In the U 14, the Sickinger emerged from FC Spöck had first played for Sandhausen, two years later, Kaiserlautern wanted to win the highly talented midfielder for himself. “I first canceled because I was in the last real world year and was the priority at school for my parents,” remembers Sickinger, “but louder did not lie loose and I really wanted to go there. So we have agreed on the deal, so we have agreed on the deal I live in the first year at home and pendle. ” With the degree in the bag, he moved to the boarding school after Lautern, made his high school parallel to the football there.

Stabilizer on the field

Sickinger counted in all youth teams to the service providers. In 2018, he signed his first professional contract at the red devils: “This is a dream for each player, even if I did not play in the first half year. But then I have slipped into the team due to injuries and a change of coaching, fortunately convince and secure a regular place. ” Lauter’s six of the team was indispensable from the team no longer indispensable, ran into a total of 80 third-league games for the FCC and was appointed captain with only 22 years – and although Sickinger is anything but a loudspeaker.

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“Quiet, down to earth and factual,” he describes himself – in private life and in the field: “I try to play very clean and controlled and to give the team stability.” With this mentality, he drives well, can not be discouraged from setbacks and has always cleared his goal: “I want to play football for the next ten years, as an ambitious athlete of course as high as possible, and thinking, by way of studying start in the sports area. I also want to work after the career in sports – that’s my passion. “

convinces of the climb

First, however, the full concentration applies the last eight regional design games with Elversberg. If the lean ends in the summer, Sickinger wants to say goodbye to the third league ascent from the Kaiserlinde: “I am absolutely convinced that we can become master with this team, and will do everything until the end.” For the SVE, the rise would be associated with a return – already in the season 2013/14 the club once played in the third highest German Profiliga.

In Sandhausen he has another year contract, in which he finally wants to establish himself in the 2nd league. If the SVS does not create the class yet – here it goes to the residual program in the Bundesliga underhaus -, for the SVE maybe a fischchen hope, the man, with whom she is still unbeaten so far, remained.

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