GTA Online: Fan discovers GTA onlinentic skeleton and community puzzles

GTA Online: Fan discovers GTA onlinentic skeleton and community puzzles

GTA online players can let off steam on a GTA onlinentic Open World Map. It’s even so big that you still find things that were previously undetected. This also includes a huge skeleton in the ocean.

GTA Online: A big mystery

The franchise is known for crazy actions as well as numerous Easter Eggs and again and again players discover new things. One of them even surprised experienced players, because during the exploration of the ocean someone discovered the bones of a seemingly huge sea creature in the water. Since there is no official news of Rockstar Games, there is confusion.

GTA Online: Community sets theories

There are already numerous theories that players thought out to explain the existence of this sea creature in GTA online. Some relate to an already known Easter Egg, which also has to do with colossal bones under water.

Players can find buried bones under the sand on the seabed, which resemble those of a pot-wood or even a megalodon. Possible so that this is a glitch, which was caused by the player to come to close to the place where the new island of Cayo Perico can be found.

Whether the puzzle of one day is released remains to be seen. If you want to make a picture of the find yourself, you can do that thanks to the published coordinates: x: 5667.83 y: -6076.61 z: -29.47 .

Currently, Rockstar Games works with high pressure at the Development of GTA 6 . After a difficult phase it seems to run well again. Recently, an insider revealed that GTA 6 could be revealed at the end of 2022. However, the real game should appear later.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Grand Theft Auto V – представляем редактор Rockstar

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