RPG Maker Memorial Fear Game Eve remake

RPG Maker Memorial Fear Game Eve remake

The ‘Eve (IB)’ was remarked and released through steam, which was remarked in the famous completeness of compliance with the RPG maker.

Japanese game publishing branded playism said on April 11th ‘Eve’ remake version. The original is a Japanese Indie Game Developer Kori (KONRI) “was developed as RPG Maker 2000 and released as a free game in February 2012.

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The game has visited the Art Museum with his parents, and the girl ‘Eve’ who left alone and left alone and draws her secrets and escapes her secrets. In the process, you can enjoy the puzzle to find the item to find the item or release the device, and you are a multi-ending game that allows you to see other endings according to your player selection.

The remake version that is released this time is added with graphics and directing improvements, and new play elements are added. The ‘Zoom Mode’, which can see the ‘conversation system’, art or item that can be achieved with the fellow character who met in the escape process, is applied.

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