Epic Games Store already allows you to show friends and more

Epic Games Store already allows you to show friends and more

Lachievementst November, Epic Games Store launched its own trophies system, “My achievements”. The platform hachievements now announced a new version, which renews the section and allows you to display several data and statistics . According to the official statement, “it comes to be like a trophies showcachievementse and a center of friends”, a place where the achievements and the progress of the games are shown. And yes, everyone can see them.

From the Friends tab it is possible to visit the contact page and visualize your achievements and progress. “All users have an icon that is generated from the first letter of the username. Anyone who visits your page can see how many achievements you have unlocked , the games in which you have reached platinum and your experience points at the top of the page, “explain.

The Achievements tab includes E L progress in each game, achievements and platinum . If you click on friends you will see the list in alphabetical order, so you can occupy several pages.

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Privacy control

Of course, everything depends on the privacy settings that each one establishes in your account. It is possible to calibrate this information through four categories: Public, friends of friends, only friends and only me.

For players who have parental control activated the default setting is only me, while for the other accounts the default setting will be friends with friends. They promise that in the next versions it will be possible to customize the achievementspect of the page and unlock extra customization options when interacting with achievements.

Among the novelties that are coming in the future are the valuations and surveys about the games. According to EPIC, this will help them to expand their “pages of categories” **, which will generate “more personalized categories” on the home page of the store. They also intend to unify the entire notification system in one place.

You can still download free games of the week, Total War: Warhammer and City of Brachievementss.

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