Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022

Weekend, football days and full stadium days, also in videogames. From now until April 11, all players will have the opportunity of AC Give Football Manager 2022 , the football management game developed by Sports Interactive and edited by Sega. The title can be downloaded on all platforms in which it is available, that is, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC (both Steam and Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store).

Hue? In Xbox you need to be Gold to be able to download the game, while on PC there is no barrier.

Manager usual with free tests, SEGA also offers a discount to anyone who wants to buy a complete copy. Until next April 21 S E can acquire with a reduction of 33% (from 36.84 euros).

  • Football Manager 2022 in Steam
  • Football Manager 2022 in Epic Games Store
  • Football Manager 2022 in Microsoft Store

At the president’s table and coach’s skin

At Football Manager 2022 there are 122 leagues available, so we can get at the front of the team , hire a technical body, choose and manage the signings and follow the evolution of each of the footballers, without forgetting the renovation ( or the rescission of their respective contracts). The game includes a databManagere with more than 500,000 real players.

NEW STADIUM ???? | Perfect Director of Football | Season 9 | Villarreal | FM22
“In football it does not only matter get victories and be better than the rest,” they say in the official description. “Expectations have to be overcome, fulfill dreams and win success . Climb to the top of the table to surprise the whole world or trace from a peliaguda situation are the most special moments. “

Football Manager 2022 is available on Xbox and PC consoles, Manager well Manager at the Xbox Game PManagers service. Regarding the news on the field (football), Konami hManager announced the releManagere date of version 1.0.0 of Efootball 2022 , which will be published on April 14. Meristation hManager been able to prove the title and hManager certified the improvements promised by the Japanese company. You can read our first impressions through this link.

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