National Team: Oliver Bierhoff criticizes commercialization

National Team: Oliver Bierhoff criticizes commercialization

DFB Director Oliver Bierhoff has coated commercialization in football and reducing the games for the professionals.

“If we all earned 10 or 20 percent less in football, we would still go very well,” said the EM hero of 1996 in an interview with the “Focus”.

A mandrel in the eye is the overloading of the players: “We could possibly increase the quality of the game by reducing the number of games. Competitions would have to be tested for their meaning and DFB Directory value. Instead, decisions are often made for political reasons. In football, we have to see that we do not exaggerate it. “

The 53-year-old also warned against a supersaturation of the fans through too many games. “There are several stakeholders in football, which often only have their own advantages, but not the big one in mind. We have to ask ourselves: What is the best for football, for the attractiveness of the game and the enthusiasm at the Fans? “, Stressed the longtime Italy legionnaire responsible for the national teams and the academy in the German Football Association (DFB).

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“There is no break in football”

The former scorer roares that a “worldwide master plan to hold up the interest in football and the attractiveness of the game,” lack. Bierhoff warns of the dangers: “For the young people expect a little more than just every day football. If the fan has the feeling, this is not really football, but only interests, he turns off.”

As a positive example, Bierhoff launches the National Football League (NFL) in the US: “It has 18 gaming days. Then follow the playoffs. That’s it. In football there is no break. Meanwhile you have to be a fan on a Saturday even between the Transfer of Augsburg-Mainz or Chelsea-Tottenham decide. “

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