Overwatch 2: The card design of the new teamshooter

Overwatch 2: The card design of the new teamshooter

When creating a new oWatch- card, the team must keep many questions in mind. Our highest goal is to give each card with art and aesthetics more complexity and gameplay depth. In order to meet this new design philosophy of oWatch 2, we have already made changes to the cards. An example of this is the introduction of coverage on known oWatch cards to compensate for the loss of a tank. There are also the day and night cycles, which changes the visibility and atmosphere of the cards. To the beta on April 26, you can experience this design philosophy and the inspiration behind the development in the four new PVP cards from Overtail 2 yourself: New Queen Street in Toronto, Colosseo in Rome, Midtown in New York City and Circuit Royal in Monte Carlo Being!
Overwatch 2: New maps (1) Source: Blizzard The New Queen Street and Colosseo are the first two cards for the new game mode of oWatch 2: thrust. Players start the game on opposite sides of the mirrored cards to meet in the middle and push the robot into the respective side of the opponent team. “Most destinations of these maps can be combined with the goals of game mode. The game speed of thrust is of nature faster than other game modes such as control and escort,” says Game Director Aaron Keller. He also describes the push cards as “… Something more porous, which is flanking, so something is simplified. You have to pay attention to several locations.”
Overwatch 2: New maps (2) Source: Blizzard Due to the symmetry of the push cards, there are various design decisions to distinguish the two sides of the cards from each other. “We wanted to make subtle changes. One half of the card should be dipped in colder tones, and the other in warmer tones. In addition, you will notice that the signs, shop windows and the aesthetics differ from each other,” says Art Director Dion Rogers. The team uses these design decisions for optical information to clarify and expand the gameplay destinations of the push mode.
Overwatch 2: New maps (3) Source: Blizzard Overwatch 2: New maps (4) Source: Blizzard This development strategy can also be found in other game modes: in the new escort card Circuit Royal and the hybrid card Midtown Player passed through the ambient design. Rogers explains: “We want to highlight the target points by making them to iconic sites like the fire department station and the Grand Central Station in Midtown. Players should be able to recognize where the important points are on the map, and the game mode should be from the world be directed. ” This leads players to the target points or other sights on the cards. As with the Serpentine uphill from Circuit Royal, in which it is essential to work together in the team to change the balance of power in the game. “Serpentines act as bottlenecks. They increase the tension and provoke team struggles,” says Rogers. “A united team manages it over here, but that requires teamwork.”

OverVATCH 2: New Maps (5) Source: Blizzard OverVATCH 2: New Maps (6) Source: Blizzard Cards can support game modes on countless species. In addition, they are still important storytelling elements that help to expand the world of Overtail. “We want players feel like they have made a jump in the future in which these cities are located in their golden age,” says Rogers. “With each card, we try to capture the ‘Golden Moments’ of the architecture, culture and the vision of the city – and play in our designs.” Toronto, with the whole snow, feels cold, but the red maple leaves give the city a warm, welcome aura that reflects their multicultural history. At Circuit Royal, the kind of team tried to capture the opulent architecture of Monte Carlo and the prestigious races of the city! Here, the super rows meet to play and watch the KIS at the races. Colosseo in Rome builds on topics of the Renaissance and the gladiators of antiquity. In New York, there are gigantic skyscrapers and art Déco influences.
OverVATCH 2: New Maps (7) Source: Blizzard OverVATCH 2: New Maps (8) Source: Blizzard These new cards and features are currently under development. For future adjustments, we will thoroughly watch you in the April Beta to see how players interact with the new places and game modes! We can not wait to show you even more! More information, specials and videos for Overwatch can be found on our OverVATCH 2 topic page.

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