Die Sims 5: Release, Multiplayer & Co.

Die Sims 5: Release, Multiplayer & Co.

The Sims 5 stands on, sooner or later. So far, the next part was not announced by EA and Maxis, but it is an open secret that goes the popular life simulation in the fifth round – that suggests that Maxis’s statements suggest.

Therefore, we have ever collected all supposed information and rumors to Sims 5 for you. If these change or even official details are known, you will learn here.


  • Release
  • Platforms
  • News & Concept
  • Multiplayer
  • Extensions / DLCs
  • Trailer & Screenshots

Release – When does the SIMS 5 appear?

The Sims 5 gets unusually long. Between all previous SIMS parts were around 5 years. The Sims 4 has the typical SIMS life cycle but with almost 8 years already relaxed and should be expanded for another few years. Maxis has other plans for the Sims 5 and can be time. Nonetheless, we expect 2022, at the latest 2023, announcement.

Platforms – for which consoles comes out the fifth part?

That the SIMS 5 appears on the PC should be out of question. And also the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S are likely to be supported. At least the PlayStation Magazine Sims 5 has already indicated and otherwise this would result in the meaning. After all, the Sims 4 for the PS4 and Xbox One appeared. Whether the Sims 5 also appears on the old consoles can not be sure.

News & Concept – What does the Sims 5 offer?

As in the predecessors we will create Sims, build houses and simulate life with them – love, sorry, everything that belongs to it.

Creative tools: Whether we are allowed to work free with a color tool again in Create A SIM mode, as it was in the SIMS 3 the case is unclear. More creative freedom seems to be planned.

Game world: And even whether the world as had on divided neighborhoods, or if it goes more in the direction of Open World, it is difficult to estimate so far. Unless the SIMS 5 is to run on weaker hardware – from which we go strongly because the community should not be split – an Open World would at least be a greater challenge.


Sims 3 Sims 4

THE SIMS 5 | Release Date & Leaks | All News & Rumors (Latest Update)

More Story: After all, a job tender for a senior narrative designer suggests that telling stories in the SIMS 5 will be more important. What this “introduces narrative elements and decisions” but is implemented, remains to be seen.

The Sims 5

EA job advertisement indicates more Story than SIMS 4


For possible DLCs and online functions, you read more in the following paragraphs.

Multiplayer – Which online functions will have Sims 5?

The Sims 5 seems to get a cross-platform multiplayer mode that works through a world in the cloud. This is most likely to exist next to the single player and allow no cheats. This can be read out at least from job postings.

In addition, we are probably allowed to expect an online marketplace on which the community can share created objects. Quasi a further development of the SIMS 4 gallery, in which already spaces, land and created sims can be shared. You read more here:

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The Sims 5

EA reveals in which direction of multiplayer should go


DLCS – Will there be expansion packs and free content?

Let’s look at the first four SIMS parts, should actually be clear that the SIMS 5 will not deviate from the basic DLC concept. EA and Maxis just earn too well with it. If you want to get everything out of Sims 5, so you must always grab the purposes again several times and so you have to shut down.

It is more conceivable that the extensions develop. After all, a new way of chargeable extensions for SIMS 4 have already been introduced with the sets or kits. They should fulfill the wishes of the players and more targeted, as they are smaller and monothematic. Therefore, that Maxis is also something new for the SIMS 5 is well possible.

But But also free updates are likely to be part of the fifth part, The Sims Delivery Express updates already donate the Sims 4-community regularly small, but free new content such as baumodus objects and scenarios. In order to further maintain the binding to the players inside, we therefore assume that nothing is changed in this principle.

Trailer & Screenshots – is there already something to see Sims 5?

So far there is no material to the SIMS 5. The fans are diligent and create concepts. If you should encounter pictures or videos on the Internet, they should therefore come.

The Sims 4 is not still quiet yet

Even if we are still waiting for the Sims 5, Maxis does not sleep.
The Sims 4 still gets updates in the form of new packs, patches and free content.
This should not change in the coming years, as Maxis made it clear.
What still expects us 2022 for Sims 4, we have summarized for you in our SIMS 4-RoadMap article.
This is always updated as soon as there are news about the SIMS 4.

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