Lost Ark: Amazon does not give the fight against the bots yet

Lost Ark: Amazon does not give the fight against the bots yet

Lost Ark has a bot problem – which increasingly provides frustration within the community. This frustration expresses itself among other things in the official forum of the A-RPG, where a fan asks if Amazon had given up the fight against the bots. The mail was attracted the attention of the developers within a very short time, which then saw themselves to a statement and explained that they would not be small so quickly.

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The fight against the bots “takes to”

Specifically, the player named Senmimss had released a screenshot showing the group finder on the Server Argos. There, a promotion for the website of a goldseller praised directly at first position. SENMIMSS ‘conclusion: spanned waves are futile because the accounts are no longer in use when the spell is. Instead, he immediately calls for bot accounts such as those who commissate the group finder.

Community Manager Roxx responded to the contribution of Senmimss and explained:
[…] It is a continuing fight we can suffer as little as our players. We recently performed a few EAC updates and tool enhancements, but it has to clearly happen more. In addition to further adjustments to ours Tools we currently examine some other measures to combat frauds and their consequences. We can not give any details because the associated systems are still in development, but it happens and we will not give up.

So Amazon is clearly positioning against the bots and promises to continue to act hard against the cheaters and scammers in the game. Whether the measures are seen in the long term to bring the desired success, must still show. In any case, the fans will remain skeptical and renewing their demands for car banns for farming and spam bots.

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