Stuttgart police determine after attack on BVB

Stuttgart police determine after attack on BVB

Nearly 60,000 spectators, finally a sold-out house again. Stuttgart is looking forward to the return and support of his followers in the Mercedes-Benz Arena, but has to go around with unpleasant companion circumstances. After a few weeks ago already at the 3-2 home success against Borussia Mönchengladbach had come to an attack beating folders against guest fans who is currently being worked up, this time is our own trailer for trouble.

Klopp 'shocked' by Dortmund bus attack

According to the “DEAF BVB Fanclub”, the first deaf fan club of the Borussen, a member and its companions were attacked on Friday evening on the way to the stadium of VFB fans and a carried club banner, which she has because of the rain over her shoulders wore, stolen. The incident occurred in a underpass near the Cannstatter curve, the scope of the hard core of the Stuttgart trailers.

Again Stuttgart’s folder in focus?

On the two men from NRW, who wanted to visit for the first time a game at VFB Stuttgart and were in search of their places, was completely suddenly incremented. One of them posted a photo with scratches and blood traces on the face on the Instagram side of the “Deaf BVB Fan Lubs”. The viewers and even folders only have watched and not helping. Although the deaf fan still has the first half of the game that the Borussians decided with 2: 0 for themselves, can pursue under pain, but then leave the stadium prematurely.

Charge against person unknown

Meanwhile, a display against unknown has been received. The police Stuttgart recorded the investigation. The fan projects are already in contact. The Stuttgart page wants to help to return the stolen club banner to his legitimate owner. George Moissidis

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