A zero number as a receipt for Bochums matur

A zero number as a receipt for Bochums matur

Clearly, the goose-bumped moment occurred almost ten minutes before the end of the game when Simon Zoller has been replaced after almost seven-month break because of a cruciate ligament and for the first time in the Bochum team mixed again. Finally, however, as Bochums defensive successfully moved against one of the best offensive divisions of the league.

With enormous speed, Bayer Leverkusen already brought some counterparties in the current season. 68 goals After all, the Werkself has already been booking in your account, but in Bochum, however, Patrik Schick & Co. was empty.

The zero number may quite apply as a receipt for the great maturity of this Bochum team. There was a very clear bullet’s facility for the guests, Moussa Diaby but slipped away at the penalty and joined himself; The hit rightly did not count. In addition, there was, generously counted, at most a very dangerous situation in front of the Bochum chest, when Paulino decided to settle in the fourth minute of Paulinho, went to chic, but his harmless attempt could defuse Manuel Riemann without great effort.

Otherwise, Bochum’s final man has an unexpectedly relaxed afternoon against the Leverkusen Power Offensive. Noteworthy: That the hosts were not significantly under pressure against the range of channels and have been able to free themselves again and again, it is now almost booked as normal.

“We work hard, and you can see that every week,” summarizes Captain Anthony Losilla. “We only do little too, that looks much more stable. And now again against a team that has in the Champions League and has real quality.”

Even against the biggest league so the newcomer with great morality and compactness, there is actually a wheel in the other. A stable defensive as a base; Of course, it should be noted that Thomas Rice never applies it to touch concrete and instruct his team to barricade in the rear area. On the contrary, usually the VFL plays brave against playfully superior opponents, pressed very high sometimes, even goes into the calculated risk.

Fourker works with excellent vote

This is of course only possible if you have defensive players with outstanding speed. For example, over two young domestic defenders who develop splendid and already form a very considerable block in their first Bundesliga season: Armel Bella Kotchap and Maxim Leitsch, which proven in the rise year Duo is currently in the center of the Bochum Foreskette undisputed.

“Both have developed great, after initial problems, but the goods are foreseen,” finds rice. Two young central defenders, in Danilo Soares and Cristian Gamboa two aggressive and playfully outstanding outer defenders: This four-formation has found themselves and works with excellent vote.

No worries about the league

That’s why it’s probably only a form matter when the VFL feeds the class blast and the last doubt eliminates. Even if on the Laumsam day again an exam on the heart and kidneys at the SC Freiburg, which also plays like Bochum – on something else level – plays an outstanding season.

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But indicate that the VFL still plays its excellent starting position, can not be found even after intensive search. “Honestly,” says Capitano Losilla, “with such services against such an opponent, I’m not worried anymore. If you go against a team like Leverkusen, then you can not descend.”

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