BitBuddy promotional list

BitBuddy promotional list

BitBuddy is the Lumera Dair Creation of Daniela Mallyza, the creator of the recording and a hexagon. If you have not heard about Ludum Dare before, developers will be difficult to create games for two or three days based on the theme. Often these are small interesting ideas that sometimes turn into full-fledged games. BitBuddy is one of these little creations in which you are trying to take care of a unique friend who gave you. However, if you leave the game, the buddy will die.

If you have not played the game and want to try, you can download it here.

All BitBuddy codes

If you want your friend to be happy during its potentially short existence, you can enter promotional codes that will change food, add objects or simply will cause interaction. Credit for Bosni on Reddit for most of them.

BitBuddy codes list

If You QUIT the Game, Your Buddy DIES...
* hatBuddy – activate code to get a festive hat
* Festive day – Sends your buddy on a boat vacation
* Buddy’s sword – gives you the benefits of RPG
* Bublik Buddy – Feed your friends with horns
* Burger Buddy – Fees of their friends hamburgers
* lionel.exe – Playback of a broken audio file
* Pony – Play Sound Success

These are all codes that we know at the moment for BitBuddy. You can find more interesting content in the “Game News” sections or “Game Guide” on our website!

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